Writing Lines As A Punishment

One of the most effective punishments for ensuring that a lesson is learned is a writing assignment. Whether used on its own, or in conjunction with other consequences, a well thought out writing assignment can drive the point home like nothing else.

Writing Punishments are Effective

You’ve probably seen evidence that reinforces the age old idea that women are better at multitasking then men. A recent study from the National Academy of   Sciences helps to explain the difference in how God made man and woman. Women’s brains are designed to facilitate maximum activity in the intuitive processing modes, resulting in a default state of continuous partial attention. This state of constant multitasking is a wonderful gift from God, as it is what allows women (in general) to excel in raising children, managing a household, navigating social situations, and other activities that require rapid context switching and multitasking.

This predisposition to multitasking means that, by default, your wife has a thousand things running through her mind. While that’s normally a fantastic thing, a lesson to be learned through discipline when the brain is fully focused on the lesson being learned. Enter the Reticular Activating System (or RAS).

The Reticular Activating System in our brains acts almost like a transmission for our attentiveness. The RAS regulates attention – from sleep to wakefulness, and from continuous partial attention to intense focused attention. Effective discipline triggers the RAS to shift into intense focused attention through either a removal of external stimuli (i.e. cornertime), an overloading of the pain receptors (i.e. spanking), or an activity that requires undivided attention to detail (i.e. writing lines).

How to Assign a Writing Punishment

An effective writing assignment is one that requires 100% focus. Because of this, a best practice is to require the assignment to be completed in pen with perfect penmanship. Set the expectation that anything that is not written perfectly will be redone twice.

Many Christian Domestic Discipline couples use a dedicated notebook for all writing assignments, so that they can be referred to later. Others prefer loose paper that is disposed of when completed.

The quantity of the assignment will depend on your wife. Over time, you will begin to have a feel for how long it will take her to complete an assignment of a certain length. But when getting started, you may want to time her writing a sample sentence, and then use that to determine an effective length of time that fits the crime, as well as an appropriate deadline for completion.

When your wife has completed the assignment, it is to be presented to you for your review and approval. Do not be shy about demanding that incorrect or sloppy writing be redone – it will ensure maximum focus during future writing punishments.

Example Assignments

  • Copy Psalm 141:3 fifty times
  • Copy Proverbs 31:10-31 in its entirety five times
  • Using three different color pens, copy the sentence “I will never text while driving again.” 100 times, switching colors every fifth word.
  • Write apology letters (not to be sent) to each person harmed by breaking this rule
  • Research an assigned topic related to the rule broken, and write a 5 page original essay, citing at least three sources

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One thought on “Writing Lines As A Punishment

  1. My HoH assigns me line writing as a punishment. He selects what I must write repeatedly so that it reminds me of my offence, of how childish and inappropriate it is and of the consequences. It is tedious to perform but is an excellent form of punishment as it occupies my time whilst taking little of HoHs time to administer.

    It can also be scaled very easily to be appropriate in terms of volume and duration. I have to go to our detention room where I sit at a desk facing the wall to perform written punishments. This removes any distractions, makes it unpleasant as I sit on a hard stool like I am in school like a child and isolates me so that I can focus on my assigned task and the childish behaviour which has put me there.

    I write my lines on loose sheets and I have to write my name and the date on each sheet which makes it as it was when I was in school. After I have completed my lines and HoH has checked them he tears them up and puts them in the bin to drive home how my time has been wasted.

    Typically I get 250 lines per day with my punishment lasting a week.

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