Why should you use Spanking Implements?

  For those that choose to incorporate punishment spankings into their domestic discipline practices, spanking implements are obviously a key component to the spanking process.  Different spanking implements change the purpose of any given spanking, they change the intensity of any given spanking, and, of course, they change the overall effectiveness of any given spanking.

Using different implements during a punishment spanking accomplishes a number of things, all of which have unique benefits for the couple.  The ultimate goal is to modify and/or correct negative actions and behaviors, of course, but there are a number of things that are also important to accomplish along the way to reaching that ultimate goal.  The safety and well-being of the submissive partner is important, differentiating the importance/magnitude of the rule/infraction is important, and clarity of the purpose of the spanking is important.  Spanking implements can play key roles in ensuring all of these things during a punishment spanking.

Here are a few reasons why it’s a good idea to use spanking implements (outside of the hand) when spanking, and why using multiple implements during one spanking session is helpful to the overall effectiveness of the punishment.

1) – Spanking implements differentiate the magnitude of the infraction. 

Some spankable infractions are more serious than others.  A couple may have a number of infractions that call for a spanking punishment, however those infractions may vary greatly in seriousness.  Spanking implements help to differentiate the importance of specific rules, and help to clarify which infractions are more serious than others.  If the hand is used to spank with each time, the different levels of seriousness of the infractions may become unclear or difficult for the submissive partner to differentiate between.

2) – Spanking implements, when used correctly, prevent numbness from developing in the buttocks. 

If the buttocks of the submissive partner becomes numb at any point during the spanking, the punishment loses its effectiveness.  A spanking is supposed to be unpleasant/painful to serve as the correcting influence on the behavior, and any numbness that develops essentially negates that.

To combat/prevent this problem, the head of the household can alternate spanking implements throughout the punishment.  Using one implement for every spanking, for the entire duration of the it, increases the probability of numbness developing.  This is why it’s a good idea to alternate between several different spanking implements when conducting a spanking, particularly if the spanking is going to be quite intense.

3) – Spanking implements differentiate the purpose of any given spanking. 

For example, using only the hand for a warm up spanking makes a lot of sense.  Using only a dense wooden paddle for a warm up spanking does not.  Using only the hand for a maintenance spanking makes sense.  Using a cane for a maintenance spanking does not.  We could go on and on here, but hopefully you get the point.

These examples aren’t to say that a couple can’t use these implements for these purposes if they wish to do so (they absolutely can, of course), but they illustrate the point that specific implements can be used to differentiate each type of spanking.  A couple may choose to only use the hand for warm up spankings, and only use a wooden spoon for maintenance spankings, and then use any combination of a wooden paddle, a belt, and a bath brush for punishment spankings.  Whatever the case may be for any given couple, spanking implements help to clarify the intent and purpose of specific types of spankings.

4) – Some spanking implements keep the spanking quiet. 

Spanking with the hand, particularly on the bare buttocks, can result in a sharp, loud sound upon impact.  This can present problems to a couple that has children, guests, relatives, etc. living with them.  Certain implements can help to keep spankings quiet.  For a list of quiet spanking implements, click here.

5) – Certain spanking implements, when used correctly, can help in preventing bruising. 

It sounds counter-intuitive upon first glance, but it is true, believe it or not.  It’s highly unlikely that any bruising would result from a spanking where only the hand was used.  With that said, however, some people do bruise more easily than others, and do bruise from hand-only spankings.  Lighter, less dense implements can help reduce the likelihood of bruising for these people.  Implements such as a ruler, or a wooden spoon, or a spatula, or something else light weight will keep the impact of the strike on the surface of the buttocks, thus helping to prevent bruising.

It is important to include, however, that certain spanking implements can increase the likelihood of bruising as well.  Thick wooden paddles, dense leather straps, thick bath brushes, thick hairbrushes, etc. can do more harm than good when it comes to bruising, so be advised and use caution with heavier spanking implements.

6) – Spanking implements prevent pain/discomfort in the hand of the head of the household. 

Spanking with the hand, particularly when spanking repeatedly for a long period of time, can result in pain/discomfort in said hand for the head of the household.  This pain/discomfort may result in the HoH ending the spanking too soon, before the “message has gotten through” or before the “lesson has been learned.”  That obviously isn’t the ultimate goal, and spanking implements eliminate the possibility of that becoming any kind of issue.

As you can see, there are a number of “pros” to using spanking implements and very few “cons.”  As briefly touched on earlier, some implements can cause bruising if and when they’re used incorrectly/excessively/irresponsibly.  But, outside of that, there is very little downside to using spanking implements.

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