Three things About Our Valentine’s As A Domestic Discipline Couple

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. Actually, pretty much all holidays are my favorite, to be honest, but I especially love Valentine’s Day. It’s another excuse to spoil my husband.

Since this is the last Three Things post until after Valentine’s Day, we’re appropriately calling this one The Valentines Edition.

Let’s get started.

  1. Our most memorable Valentine’s Day was… that’s a really hard one. Probably several years ago, before we had kids, and Clint and I were living in Utah. We drove up to this fantastic restaurant about an hour or so from our house where the inside is transformed to look like you’re eating outside, if that makes sense. It’s really dark, and there’s a “starry night sky” over the ceiling. You eat dinner in these covered wagon type things, separate from everyone else, so it is totally’s just awesome. Anyway, that Valentine’s Day stood out to me because of that restaurant, which was the same restaurant where we celebrated my birthday a few months later (and then got engaged at!) and became a memorable restaurant spot for us after that Valentine’s Day.
  2. My favorite part of Valentine’s Day is… getting to spoil my husband..without him being able to say anything about it! I can use the “it’s a holiday, babe!” excuse and he shuts up about how much I spend on Valentine’s Day, or how I spoil him and the kids. And, now that we have kids, it’s really fun to celebrate Valentine’s Day with them as well. I’ve got some big plans this year for the boys! (Insert my husband rolling his eyes as soon as he reads this)
  3. This year we are celebrating Valentine’s Day by… we actually celebrated Valentine’s Day earlier this week.  Yeah, it’s a little early, but we had a babysitter (who kept our kids overnight – score!) and so we figured that was the perfect time. We went out to dinner at Melting Pot, one of our favorite restaurants (if you haven’t tried it, you must. It’s like the ultimate date night spot) and went to see American Sniper, which was a movie both of us had been wanting to see for awhile (and, for the record, it is really good!). On Valentine’s Day this year we’ll probably spend the day with our kids and then I’ll make his favorite dinner that night, once they’re in bed, and we’ll probably order some movies on TV as well.


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