Domestic Discipline: Couple’s experiences

One remarkable thing we’ve learned from our experiences in owning and operating our domestic discipline website is that so many people are truly, genuinely happy living this lifestyle. If you don’t currently practice domestic discipline and struggle with accepting the idea of it ever being a permanent part of your relationship that probably sounds crazy to you, but it’s absolutely true. We knew that we were happy with this dynamic in our marriage, but we didn’t know that so many others shared the same feelings we do about domestic discipline. You’d probably be surprised to learn just how many people practice domestic discipline, and that number increases every single day.
We don’t want you to simply take our word for it. We want you to hear directly from domestic discipline couples themselves.

So, in that spirit we asked dozens of couples to share their own personal testimonies of this lifestyle.

The following testimonies are just a few that we received from couples who we asked to share their experiences.

“We have been married for almost 25 years and have used Domestic Discipline as a core part of our relationship from the beginning. When we began to incorporate DD there was no internet and it’s doubtful that the term Domestic Discipline existed. The structure and accountability that Domestic Discipline has given both of us has helped us weather some difficult times. We can’t imagine our marriage without Domestic Discipline.”
-Jim and Christina Married 25 years from Ontario, Canada 

“We have been married for 2 years and began incorporating the lifestyle shortly after our wedding day. In our marriage, my wife is the head of our house and it took some adjusting at first but now we wouldn’t have it any other way. The best thing about domestic discipline for us is that it has really helped our communication. It has also helped my wife to become more of a leader and gain more confidence in herself.”
-Richard G. Married 2 years from Erie, Pennsylvania

… “I really can’t imagine our relationship without domestic discipline. Since we have begun the lifestyle we have taken our relationship from a near-breakup stage to better than ever and considering marriage in the near future. We are thankful that domestic discipline has taught us an alternate way to solve the issues we were facing. The punishments are tough on us both but we learn so much from the entire experience that is beyond worth it!”
-Anonymous Dating for 4 years

“It meant that I could trust and step back, not feeling that I needed to do everything for myself so my world didn’t fall apart. It has given him confidence and a sense of pride in our marriage and the way we interact in comparison to the many marriages around us. I give him respect and in turn he gives me the love I need. Sometimes, I need a little help with the respect part and that’s where DD works for us”
-Callie Married to “H” from Australia and author of the blog “About Us in Oz” (

My wife urged me to try domestic discipline last year and I can happily say I am glad we did. Domestic discipline has brought us closer together and has now made people ask how we have such a strong relationship. It’s evident to our family, friends, coworkers and community that something within us both has changed for the better and we have and this lifestyle to thank for that.”
-Matt W.K. from New York, NY Married for 3 years

“Domestic Discipline came into my marriage at the perfect time. My husband and I had been struggling with repeated arguments over the same 3 things for years and used Domestic Discipline as a last resort. I can’t say enough positive things about what it has done for our marriage and how it has transformed our lives. I think I can best sum it up in 3 words: it is awesome.”
-Frank and MaryBeth C. Have included domestic discipline in their marriage for 7 years

When we first began domestic discipline I had some doubts about whether or not this would work, especially the spanking part. But, I’m happy to report that, 18 years later, we are still going strong at it and now that we have both adjusted to our roles, and what this lifestyle entails, it is something that I can’t imagine our marriage without. I would recommend this lifestyle to anyone- seriously. I believe all couples could use an element of domestic discipline in their lives.
-Anonymous couple from San Jose, California

“Having tried other relationship tools from books to counseling to just plain ignoring the problems and hoping they would get better, domestic discipline was something I was eager to try and see what the fuss was about. We had some challenges at first but after a few weeks I could see an instant transformation in my husband and that is something I will never forget. He has stepped up and into a leadership role in all aspects of our life and he seems happier”
– Anonymous couple from Chicago


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