The Guide To Domestic Discipline

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Now, we go back to the topic, and it’s again that so many couples want to find out more about Domestic Discipline, but don’t know where to start. That’s why we decided to write a guide which will answer all of your questions:

The Guide To Domestic Discipline: How To Begin And Have A Successful Domestic Discipline Relationship is made for those interested in learning more about, as well as those just beginning, the domestic discipline lifestyle.  Numerous domestic discipline concepts, dynamics, and punishments within the lifestyle are defined, detailed, outlined, broken down, and elaborated on in simple terms.  Detailed explanations and relatable examples are given throughout the book to help explain and clarify why the domestic discipline dynamic has become an increasingly popular relationship arrangement adopted by so many committed couples.

After reading this book, you’ll understand what the domestic discipline lifestyle is, how the dynamics of it work, and how it is designed to enhance virtually any committed couple’s relationship.  You’ll understand what living the lifestyle is all about, what it requires of both partners in the relationship, and why so many are choosing to live this way.  All your questions about domestic discipline will be answered, and you’ll even get some helpful tips along the way!

Here’s a short overview of the chapters:


Part 1: An overview of Domestic Discipline

Here we answer the questions:

  • Why Domestic Discipline?
  • What is Domestic Discpline?

and we introduce the various  kinds of DD relationships.

  • The traditional relationship
  • The female led relationship (FLR) relationship
  • The spencer Spanking Plan relationship
  • The Christian Domestic Discipline relationship
  • Other types

We answer the pros and cons of Domestic Discipline, and show you how to get started with it. Also, we discuss important things to consider before your start.

The next topic are various punishments.


Part 2 deals exclusively with spanking.

Why it is good, how you can integrate it in your relationship, what kind of spankings there are, and other detailed questions.

Part 3 describes the life in a Domestic Discipline relationship.

It covers emotions, roles, and answers frequently asked questions regarding pregnancy, rules, your partner, and others. Domestic Discipline is a great lifestyle, if you do it right. Find out more about the book here [click on the image].


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  1. I bought this book recently and liked it very much! It focuses on other issues than my own guide, so I found complementary, and, to be honest, better written than my own.
    I love your blog, too (already loved the old one…) ! There are virtually no quality blogs out there which focus on Domestic Discipline, so yours is a must.

    Constance (from

  2. I would like a copy of this if possible. I have no money right now but I would like to start this with my husband. We sort of do this anyways but maybe if he sees this he will understand better.

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