The basics of the Domestic Discipline Boot Camp: Part 2

Domestic Discipline Boot Camp is not something we’re comfortable writing about in great detail on a public blog such as this, however we’re willing to explain what it is and what purpose it serves in a domestic discipline relationship. We’ve included the word “Basics” in the title of this post since that’s exactly what it will be — the basics. We personally feel if we went into the details on how we recommend boot camp be done on this blog, people would misunderstand it or misinterpret it completely and do it incorrectly, which would lead to a whole mess of problems we really don’t have time to deal with. We hope you all can understand that.


What is Domestic Discipline Boot Camp?

Domestic Discipline Boot Camp is an intense, multi-day experience an actively practicing domestic discipline couple goes through in order to set more defined roles in both partners within a relationship/household, as well as set crystal clear expectations of both partners within a relationship/household. There’s so much more to it than that, but that’s the basic definition of Domestic Discipline Boot Camp.

Why do boot camp?

Boot camp is intended to help the head of the household be more consistent with discipline, and is also intended to help the submissive partner become more respectful of the agreed upon rules for the relationship/home. In addition, boot camp is intended to correct behaviors and shape how domestic discipline will be done in the future within the household. Boot camp also includes a set of homework assignments intended to strengthen and nourish the foundation of the relationship, and enhance the communication between partners. Each homework assignment has a lesson behind it, and each one benefits the couple and relationship a little differently. Everything within boot camp is done for a reason with a lesson behind it, and those reasons and lessons are intended to strengthen the relationship. Again, there’s more to it, but that’s the all encompassing goal and intention of boot camp.

How does a couple go about doing boot camp?

Unfortunately the full answer to this question can’t be covered on this public blog entry for the reasons we stated in the opening paragraph. There’s SO much to cover that it would literally take us days and weeks to write it all, which is why we’ve decided to write a book about how to go about doing Domestic Discipline Boot Camp. More on that later.

For now, here are the basics on how to do Domestic Discipline Boot Camp.


Let us first start by saying that there are numerous variations of boot camp all over the place. We’ve read several of them, and as you might expect, there are things within all of them that we do and do not agree with. Some have radical ideals that we simply cannot condone or recommend to you the reader, or to anyone. The Learning Domestic Discipline version of Domestic Discipline Boot Camp won’t be for everyone, obviously, but the practices within it we support and are comfortable recommending. You may or may not agree, but hopefully by now you understand our overall stance on domestic discipline and how we feel it should be approached. The Learning Domestic Discipline version of boot camp does not stray from that mentality. We wouldn’t recommend anything that would put our reputation on the line. As with everything under the umbrella of domestic discipline, you should always shape and mold the recommendations into what will work best for your relationship.


We recommend boot camp be done over a period of 2-5 days. Generally we recommend starting with two days and increasing the duration of boot camp as needed. Each day of boot camp consists of four spanking sessions and four homework assignments. Each spanking session has a different level of intensity, and each spanking session has a lesson behind it. Everything in boot camp is done for a reason and everything has some sort of learning experience tied into it.

Before getting started, the couple is recommended to take a day to spend together, sort of like a date night. Boot camp is an intense experience, so it’s important to treat yourselves to a night of fun before boot camp begins. Relax. Enjoy the night and let loose.

Each day of boot camp is structured with different tasks which include the four daily spanking sessions and the four daily homework assignments we mentioned earlier. During the time in boot camp, and ideally in everyday life, the HoH is completely in charge. Boot camp has a “no tolerance” policy, and the HoH should punish instantly when there is any sort of defiance from the submissive partner. Not only does this teach the submissive partner to respect the HoH and the rules of the home, but it also teaches the HoH that they MUST be consistent with the rules and punishments, otherwise the relationship will suffer in the long run. Again, everything in boot camp is done for a reason, and with long term overall benefits.

When boot camp is over, the couple is recommended to reward themselves somehow. It could be gifts for one another, it could be a vacation of some sort, it could be anything. Boot camp is an extremely difficult experience for both partners, and a couple should feel good about making it through the intense experience together. Boot camp will yield long-term rewards, but at the same time a couple should go out and splurge a little bit on themselves. They’ve earned it.

That’s the basics of Domestic Discipline Boot Camp. We know this outline likely prompted dozens of questions in your head – What do we need for boot camp? How are the days of boot camp structured? What are the homework assignments? How do we conduct the spanking sessions? Do we need boot camp? Am I crazy for wanting to do this?

We’ve gotten an overwhelming amount of requests for this information, so we’ve decided to detail everything out in a book, which we’ll make available to anyone who wants it. Look for that in the next few weeks. We’ll cover everything in detail, and we’ll give a step-by-step breakdown on how we recommend boot camp be done within it.

As always, please feel free to ask any questions you may have in the comments section, but just be mindful that we may not be able to answer them in the detail you want since this is a public forum.


We hope that this article has helped you. Are you thinking about beginning Domestic Discipline? Then it’s a good idea to check out our Guide To Domestic Discipline, either by checking out the post on it or by checking out the guide on Amazon. Also, if you want to stay in contact, you can follow us with your email, on , on FaceBook, Twitter, or Tumblr. Please leave a comment if you want to add something or if you liked this article!



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