Submissive Corner

This page contains all the posts which are relevant for the submissive partner in Domestic Discipline.

Here is a list of the relevant categories:


On spanking and implements

  • Time to Spring clean: Spanking Implements!
  • The worst Spanking ever!
  • What kind of Implements should a submissive Partner get?
  • Spankings as means of Stress Relief
  • I got spanked for something I never expected
  • Saturday Stories: Spanking for Jesus? More like for me-sus!
  • How to prevent and handle bruises and marks from Spanking
  • Saturday Stories: How we evolved “Maintenance Spankings”


On submission as a wish:

  • Why do I want to be disciplined? How to talk about it?
  • How a woman can ask her husband for discipline


On the life of a submissive:

  • Saturday Stories: I’m a Domestic Discipline Wife – not a Doormat
  • A – Z: Quality, not quantity
  • A – Z: Opportunity to come clean
  • A – Z: Jumping to conclusions
  • A – Z: Is this ever going to happen again?
  • A – Z: Easter blessings
  • A – Z: The top 5 things we have learned in Domestic Discipline
  • A – Z: Caned for the first time
  • A – Z: Bedroom time gone wrong
  • A – Z: Our top 10 most popular personal questions … answered!
  • Months: Spontaneity
  • Months: Gratitude
  • My first Maintenance Spanking
  • Months: Great qualities – Part 1
  • Months: Great qualities – Part 2
  • Months: Compliments
  • Five things Friday: Holiday weekend
  • Five things friday: Welcome to the fall
  • Five things friday: Valentines day
  • Five things Friday: Sunday
  • Five things Friday: Retreat
  • Five things Friday: Personal edition / Learning
  • Five things Friday: Spring
  • Five things friday: March
  • Domestic Discipline while Pregnant
  • Celebrating Valentine’s day in Domestic Discipline
  • Months: Confessions
  • Months : Spread the word
  • Personal: The power in writing essays
  • Personal: The End of the No-Spanking challenge forever!
  • Personal: Domestic Discipline and Driving
  • Five things: Holiday edition
  • Five things: fall edition
  • Five things: Valentine’s edition
  • Five things: Sunday edition
  • Five things: the retreat edition
  • Five things: learning domestic discipline
  • Five things: Can it be spring yet?
  • Five things friday – March Madness edition
  • Domestic Discipline while Pregnant
  • Should women fear a spanking?
  • I don’t have time to get spanked


On submission:

  • Submissive Saturdays: the Submissive Mindset
  • Submissive Saturdays: The basics of Submission
  • Submissive Saturdays: Submission through Stress
  • Submissive Saturday: 21 Way how to be Submissive
  • The Submissive Partner’s Perspective
  • Submission is not weakness – it is a sign of strength
  • I’m a submissive wife – and that’s great
  • How to communicate as a submissive wife
  • An Exercise for submissive Partners
  • Saturday: Types of submission and the five types of submissive wifes
  • Saturday: Submission in public
  • Saturday: 3 Questions all submissive should ask!
  • Saturday: Submitting to a Spanking
  • Personal: My marriage is not equal
  • Personal: My Love/Hate relationship with rewards
  • Personal: My biggest Domestic Discipline regret
  • Personal: Domestic discipline resolutions update
  • Personal: Confessions of a submissive wife
  • Personal: What does my wife think while I spank her?
  • Why women should be grateful for being spanked
  • Obedience in domestic discipline


On the HoH from a submissive’s point of view:


  • Reverse Lecturing
  • Boot camp from the women’s perspective
  • Saturday: When you don’t agree with the HoH’s decision
  • Personal: Trusting my HoH and letting go
  • What if a woman was unjustly disciplined?
  • Should a wife call her husband “Sir” in a spanking?
  • Why does the Heat of Household not suffer consequences for his mistakes?
  • The submissive partner’s perspective: “What if the HoH breaks a rule?”



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