Silent Spankings

There are situations where a domestic discipline couple cannot spank in the “traditional” sense in the privacy of their own home.  Sometimes couples are out of town, or sometimes they temporarily live with friends/relatives/roommates, or sometimes they just simply don’t have the time if they need to be somewhere soon.  Silent spankings offer an alternative to the traditional way of spanking and, if done properly, can yield the results the couple is looking for.

There are two recommended forms of silent spanking.  The first one can be done very quickly.

Silent Spanking Option #1: Capsaicin Cream – This cream is actually intended for arthritis, but when applied the bare skin of the buttocks it creates a very intense burning sensation similar to the results of a spanking.  This is a powerful “spanking” alternative, so please be advised and use extreme caution when using this cream.  Test it on a small area of the skin first before applying it to the buttocks.  When applying on the buttocks for a silent spanking, do not use too much.  It creates an extremely painful burning sensation and excessive use could lead to larger unnecessary problems.

The head of the household applies a very small amount of this cream (about the size of a drop of water) to the bare skin of their partner’s bare buttocks (on each cheek) and rubs it in thoroughly, similar to how one would rub lotion into one’s skin.  The sting takes a minute or two to intensify, but the burning sensation will continue to intensify for the next 30 minutes or so.  It feels exactly like a rather serious spanking.  Rubbing the buttocks afterward can intensify the stinging, and water (i.e. a shower) can make it worse as well, so keep those things in mind.

The buttocks will turn red approximately 30-45 minutes after applying the Capsaicin Cream.  The stinging can last for hours, depending on how much cream the HoH applies.  This is a very intense burning sensation, so it’s recommended that no more than the amount specified above be used on each cheek.  In most cases (but not ALL cases), this amount will yield the results the couple is looking for, however some couples choose, at their own discretion, to apply more if they feel it necessary to do so.

The whole process of applying the cream takes approximately 2-3 minutes.  Read all information on the label, and make sure the submissive partner is not allergic to any of the ingredients within the Capsaicin Cream before applying to the bare skin.

Bengay can also be used.

Silent Spanking Option #2: Heating Pad – This option takes some time since the pad has to heat up in order to be effective.  That can take up to 10 minutes, depending on the heating pad.  How the HoH conducts this silent spanking is pretty straight forward – the submissive partner sits down on the heating pad for a period of approximately 10-15 minutes.  Any longer than 15 minutes and the buttocks may become numb, rendering it ineffective.  For a slightly more intense effect, the HoH can spank the buttocks a few times (like 5 times, for instance) before their partner sits on the heating pad.

The heat from the pad will intensify the pain/stinging the longer the submissive partner sits on it.  It’s most effective when the submissive partner sits on the heating pad bare-bottomed, but it can also be effective if they sit on it with a thin layer of clothing covering their buttocks (pajamas, sweat pants, mesh shorts, etc.).  If the submissive partner wears a thin layer of clothing, we recommend increasing the time anywhere between 3-5 minutes.

Silent spankings can be effective for those times where a couple is in a hotel room, or traveling in the car, or when a couple is living with others, or when they’re guests at someone else’s home, or if they’re just plain in a hurry…any situation where a traditional spanking just isn’t possible.  Silent spankings can be effective as a one-time punishment, or they can be used as a temporary punishment until the couple is able to conduct a traditional spanking in privacy.

Where possible, it’s recommended the HoH still comfort their partner afterward, just as they would after a traditional spanking session.  That aspect of spanking, be it “silent” or otherwise, never changes and is always recommended to be a part of any spanking process.

Silent spankings are intended to only be used when there is no possible way a traditional spanking can be conducted.  Traditional spankings should always be done when and where possible as they are safer, and provide much more emotional intimacy (i.e. comforting afterward).  Silent spankings are NOT intended to replace traditional spankings, but they are effective when traditional spankings simply are not possible.

4 thoughts on “Silent Spankings

  1. TBH I can’t see either of those options being particularly effective and they would most certainly not work in my relationship.

    It seems to me that the best option is to be honest with friends and family about the type of relationship you have with your partner, that way traditional spankings can take place when necessary wherever you happen to be.

  2. Sitting on an acupressure mat also works extremely well for a silent punishment with less fear of causing damage to the skin than a heating pad. You can buy them on Amazon.

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