Saturday Stories: Spanking for Jesus? More like for me-sus!

Several weeks ago, in a Saturday Stories post written by myself (Clint), I made a request to the readers. I asked if anyone brought to the domestic discipline lifestyle by the recent media articles would be willing to share their story with us (you can read that post here), and I’m so thrilled to say that my request has been answered.

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The following was written by evmybryan, a member of the Forums. We have not manipulated, edited, or changed her words in any way, shape, form, or fashion. Enjoy!


Many people and groups are upset about the Daily Beast article that was recently written about domestic discipline. I, for one, am not one of those people. If that article had not been written, I don’t think my husband and I would have ever uncovered the domestic discipline lifestyle. The Daily Beast is not something I typically read or get news from, but a page I follow on facebook picked up on the story and posted a link to the article, to let the readers see for themselves how “ridiculous” these people were that spank their wives because of their Christian religion. At least, that is what I got out of the article when I first read it, and saw the comments on the facebook page.

Thankfully though, my curiosity with seeing the title of the article was not satisfied with only the reading the opinionated piece and I proceeded googling the term “Christian Domestic Discipline,” mostly just to see what these people were about and what their reasoning was for believing wives needed to be spanked. After browsing through a few websites dedicated to domestic discipline, I had quite a different opinion of the lifestyle than the author of the Daily Beast article. I spent a few more days researching before I mentioned anything about it to my husband.

I’m sure just like everyone else, when I first brought this idea up to my husband, I was a little afraid of what he might think. To my surprise, he seemed right on board with it from the very first discussion we had! I think that is mostly because, although we have a stable marriage, we have definitely been having some problems that both of us were at a loss of how to cure. We had tried mentoring with a couple and we both had read article after article on improving your marriage, but none of that had really seemed to do the trick. So we were both left with a bitter feeling towards the other, because our marriage just wasn’t quite working out the way we would like it to. So for both of us, when we learned of domestic discipline, it stood out as a fresh way to revitalize our relationship. So far, employing DD in our life has not disappointed.

Our communication and intimacy level is better than it has ever been in the 4 years we have been married. As we found out, no thanks to the Daily Beast article, Domestic Discipline is about so much more than spanking wives, and as a matter of fact that is only a very small part of DD. Domestic Discipline to my husband and I has been a wonderful addition to our life, and we are both so glad we ran across that article!


We’re so thankful that evmybryan was courageous enough to share her story. For all the negativity the media articles deliberately brought to the domestic discipline lifestyle, we knew there were a number of people who saw through the sensationalism and found the articles, and the lifestyle, intriguing. We’re firm believers that positive things can come out of any experience, and as this Saturday Story illustrates, those media articles impacted this woman’s marriage in a positive way forever.

There have been several Forum members that have spoken up about how the media articles brought them to the domestic discipline lifestyle. The media articles were terrible, but in the end, they brought the gift of domestic discipline into the lives and marriages of many, and we’re so happy to see that.

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