Reminder Spankings

A domestic discipline couple may find themselves in a situation where conducting a traditional punishment spanking isn’t as convenient or as simple as they’d like it to be.  Where a traditional punishment spanking can take time to conduct, there are some situations that simply do not provide the time or the convenience in which to do it.  This may be a travel/vacation situation where a couple is staying at a hotel, this may be a situation where a couple is staying at the home of a friend or relative temporarily, this may be a situation where a couple has guests staying at their home temporarily – whatever the case may be, it’s still important that the head of the household continue enforcing the rules of the relationship as consistently as possible, even in these inconvenient circumstances.

In this type of situation, what does the HoH do when their partner breaks a rule that would result in a spanking punishment?  The rules need to be consistently enforced after all, and the submissive partner needs to understand that the behavior was/is unacceptable so it doesn’t continue.  “Letting it go” isn’t exactly a constructive option, for what we hope to be obvious reasons.  However, spanking traditionally in an aforementioned situation comes with some obvious risk.  Anyone within earshot could overhear the spanking, or worse, someone could unintentionally witness the spanking in some fashion.  For even the most open of domestic discipline couples this would present an awkward moment of epic proportions, to say the least.

The solution to this problem is daily reminder spankings until the couple can spank traditionally.

What is a reminder spanking?

A reminder spanking is a brief, light spanking conducted daily as needed to “remind” the submissive partner that they are currently in a punishment situation until the traditional spanking can be carried out.  Reminder spankings should ONLY be done out of necessity, meaning a traditional spanking should be carried out as soon as possible after the infraction is made in any circumstance.

What purpose do reminder spankings serve?

Reminder spankings serve three purposes – 1) They hold the submissive partner accountable for their actions even while on vacation, at a relatives, etc.; 2) They send the message to the submissive partner that their behavior needs to remain appropriate for the duration of the vacation, for the duration of their stay with relatives, etc.; and 3) They keep the HoH consistently enforcing the rules, which is important.

Also, the HoH does not want their partner developing the mentality of, “Well, now that I know I’m getting spanked for this eventually anyway, I don’t have to worry about following the rules anymore for the rest of the time we’re here.”  This is what would happen if an HoH were to “let it go” with no consequences until they were able to punish at home.  It could potentially lead to more problems if the HoH does nothing about it.

How do you conduct a reminder spanking?

Very similarly to a maintenance spanking, or a warm up spanking.  It’s recommended there be a brief lecture before the reminder spanking, followed by the HoH striking between 8-15 times (depending on which implement is used), over the underwear/pajamas, using approximately 1/4 to 1/2 of their strength, with their partner in either the over-the-knee (OTK) or “Leaning Over The Bed” spanking position, using the quietest implement possible.  Quiet implements include a wooden spoon, a switch, a cane, or a tilt wand (the plastic “stick thing” used to open and close blinds) if there is no other choice.

A reminder spanking typically takes no longer than a minute or two (depending on the cooperation level of the submissive partner).  It’s done very quickly and very quietly.  It’s also recommended that the HoH comfort their partner just as they would after any other spanking.

Reminder spankings are recommended to be conducted in the evenings, in the bedroom/hotel room, just before the couple goes to sleep.  This presents the best time in which no other individuals would likely see or hear (even given how quiet it is) the spanking.

The manner in which a reminder spanking is conducted is to be ultimately determined by the head of the household.

How do reminder spankings differ from maintenance spankings?

Reminder spankings are done daily (ONLY until a traditional spanking can be conducted) with an infraction tied to them.  Maintenance spankings are done irregularly – generally at 1-2 week intervals (not daily) – and are done without infraction.  The primary purpose of a reminder spanking is to “remind” the submissive partner that they committed an infraction and are therefore currently in a punishment situation (until the traditional spanking is conducted).  The primary purpose of a maintenance spanking is to keep the submissive partner’s behavior on the right track going into the future.  There are similarities between the two, but those are the biggest differences between reminder spankings and maintenance spankings.

Is the submissive partner crying a vital part of a reminder spanking as it is with a traditional spanking?

No, it isn’t.  A reminder spanking isn’t intended to completely correct the original behavior – therefore crying isn’t as crucial.  A reminder spanking is intended to do just that – remind the submissive partner that they’re “in trouble”, and remind them to keep their behavior on the right track until the traditional spanking can be carried out at a more convenient time.

We want to stress that reminder spankings are only recommended to be done when the submissive partner commits a spankable offense in a situation where the couple cannot conveniently carry out a traditional spanking.

Reminder spankings offer a great way of maintaining the correct attitude and correct behavior from the submissive partner, and a great way of maintaining consistency from the head of the household when a couple finds themselves in a situation where traditional spankings are difficult to conduct.  Hopefully when in these situations the submissive partner’s behavior would not prompt reminder spankings, however in the event their behavior does prompt them, the HoH has a means of constructively addressing the issue.

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