Personal: our first silent spanking

  When I first heard about the concept of silent spanking, I was really excited to try it.  I don’t think my wife was, of course, but I definitely was.  It was the answer I was looking for to a lot of the challenges we had with our domestic discipline.  It was the answer to two challenges in particular — addressing behavior in public and keeping the spanking quiet.


  Chelsea’s behavior in public has never been what I would consider to be “bad.”  She’s not the kind of person to draw attention to herself by causing a scene or anything like that.  She’s respectful to the people she interacts with publicly (servers, cashiers, what have you), but where things became an issue for us was when her attitude and general respect towards me went south while we were out of the house.  At home she could instantly be held accountable for that sort of thing.  In public, she knew she had room to bend those rules, and sometimes she would really push them.  

  Silent spankings were the answer to that problem for us.  Or at least I thought that at the time.  If her attitude became an issue while we were out, I could use a silent spanking to address it.  I could simply find a quiet private spot to apply the cream to her bottom and that would be that.  It would take a maximum of two minutes.  Like I said, I was excited about the idea of silent spankings from the get go.  I wanted to give them a shot to see if the cream really worked.

  Shortly after I learned about silent spankings, I decided that I was going to use the silent spanking cream the next time Chelsea broke a spankable rule.  I wanted to “test” it.  I was dying to know if this would actually feel like a real spanking to her.  I was dying to know if it would correct whatever problem we were addressing.  I was so curious about this method of “spanking” that I had to try it as soon as I could.

  So, that’s exactly what I did.  Chelsea broke one of our rules that would warrant a punishment spanking under normal circumstances.  Rather than go the traditional spanking route, I went the silent spanking route.  I had never applied the cream before, and I didn’t have any recommendations/suggestions on how to do it, so I simply used my own judgment.  Applying it was the easy part.  You put it on the bottom and rub it in.  Simple enough.  The hard part was knowing how much to apply.

  I started with a small amount of cream.  I rubbed it into her bottom just as I would do if it were lotion.  Chelsea was incredibly cooperative the whole time.  In fact, she seemed to enjoy it.  It probably felt like a mini rear end massage to her.  I know my wife pretty well, and I know that isn’t something she’d complain about. 

  After a couple of minutes Chelsea said that she felt absolutely nothing from the cream.  I was a little disappointed.  I thought that I hadn’t applied enough cream, so I added more.  I was rather generous this time, spreading the cream all over her bottom and massaging it in quite thoroughly.  If after this second application the cream still had no effect on her, then they’d never work.

  Once again, after a few minutes, Chelsea said the cream had no effect.  And, once again, I was quite disappointed.  I really wanted it to work.  After that, I thought to myself, “Oh well…I guess silent spankings don’t work for us,” and I was ready to toss the idea out and move on.

  About 20 minutes later, when we were back in the living room watching television, Chelsea said she started to feel the cream work.  She said she felt a little stinging/burning sensation in her bottom.  It worked!  It took a while, but it worked.  I was happy about that.  

  A few more minutes went by and it was clear the cream was making Chelsea very uncomfortable.  She couldn’t sit still, and she started to complain about her bottom being “on fire.”  I was happy the cream was working, finally, but Chelsea’s response to it was getting more and more animated.  She was up on her feet, pacing around the living room and kitchen, trying to keep her composure.  It was VERY clear she was uncomfortable and in quite a bit of pain.

  I was concerned.  This was our first silent spanking so I asked a ton of questions.  What does it feel like?  Is it worse than a regular spanking?  Can you sit down at all?  Are you alright?  

  She said she was okay, but she wanted to shower to try and wash some of the cream off.  The silent spanking had served its purpose in my estimation, so I was fine with her doing that.  I felt bad for her at this point.  From her reaction, it was quite clear she was in a significant amount of pain.  I wanted it to be effective, of course, but good grief — I didn’t want it to make her miserable ALL day long.

  The shower only made it worse.  From what Chelsea told me, the stinging sensation in her bottom was incredibly intense to begin with, and the water only increased that intensity.  Now I really felt bad for her.  Geez. 

  I did what I could for her.  I rubbed her bottom and held her for most of the night.  The second application of the cream was obviously too much.  Something was missing from the whole experience, too.  The cream worked and definitely corrected the problem which was wonderful, but the emotional connection was lacking.  It just wasn’t the same.  After that first “test” with silent spanking, we didn’t try silent spanking again until we moved to North Carolina.  We had both basically tossed silent spanking out and forgotten about it until we were in a situation where we needed to try it again.  

  I learned a lot from our first silent spanking experience.  I learned how much cream to apply, I learned that they DO work (if done correctly), and I learned that they would be wonderful in certain situations (like out in public, or staying at a hotel, etc.).  However, I also learned that traditional spankings are the way to go whenever possible, and I learned that silent spankings should only be used when we absolutely have no other choice.

– Clint

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  1. Water will just increase the pain factor until over a period of time the ointment/cream is absorbed into the bottom and over time wears off. Also, if you don’t wear protective gloves your hand will burn even more than her bottom does when you rub it in!
    If needed there are several antidotes ( on the internet) if you feel sorry for her bottom and want to try and show Mercy on her!

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