New year’s resolutions for 2017!

Happy New Year everybody!  Welcome to 2017!  You’ve now survived Y2K and the apocalypse!  How exciting!  You’re a fighter and a survivor!  Alright, alright – on a more serious and exponentially earness sarcastic note, we certainly hope the new year brings you and your loved ones much health, happiness, success, joy, and prosperity.


Domestic Discipline had a tremendous 2016 and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2017. continues to grow and grow, and we continue to meet and interact with so many wonderful people.  We doubt it’s of any surprise to anyone, but we have a lot of big things planned for Domestic Discipline this upcoming year.  Now that the holiday season is behind us, we can focus on what lies ahead and we absolutely cannot wait to get started.  We have a feeling 2017 will be a great year for Domestic Discipline and the domestic discipline lifestyle in general.  Now that aspects of DD are being portrayed on popular television shows, one can’t help but feel as though the lifestyle is gaining more and more popularity.  Even though the linked YouTube clip portrays the lifestyle in a funny way on a comedy show, it’s still exciting to see it at least getting some form of major recognition.


A brand new year brings brand new resolutions, of course, and a popular one amongst domestic discipline couples is to improve upon the domestic discipline practices within their relationships.  This is a great resolution for all domestic discipline couples, regardless of their experience level, and one that’s worth exploring a little deeper.  Looking for ways to improve the relationship through domestic discipline is always a healthy thing for any couple to do, and it goes without saying that we recommend couples do this regularly, not just the first week of January every year.

If this resolution (or any close variation of it) is one you and your partner have decided on together, what are some things you’re doing to ensure its success?  How can you ensure its success?

Naturally, we want to help in any way that we can.  We want your resolution to be successful just as much as you do (if not more).  We’ve outlined some tips and recommendations below that we feel would help with your New Year’s domestic discipline resolution.

  • Within the first week of every month, discuss and identify what aspects of domestic discipline are lacking/need improvement in your relationship.  Create a plan (or plans) and make the necessary adjustments for improvement in those areas.

There’s no need for any finger-pointing or blaming – simply set aside an hour (or so) to sit down together with your partner and respectfully discuss the domestic discipline aspect of your relationship each month.  What do you need more of?  What do you need less of?  What would make you happy when it comes to how DD is practiced in your relationship?  Is more consistency needed from the HoH?  Is more submissiveness needed from the submissive partner? 

Having these discussions at the beginning of each month will ensure that domestic discipline gets the proper attention it needs to thrive in your relationship, and ensures domestic discipline will continue to improve and evolve each month.  Doing this will also help both partners remain committed to the lifestyle, and consistent with the lifestyle.

  • Research and read about domestic discipline.  The easy part: discard information you disagree with and information that isn’t consistent with your beliefs/morals, or those of your partner.  The hard part: present your partner with the information that you know they would appreciate/find helpful/find interesting.  

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been practicing domestic discipline, or how “good at it” you think you are, there is always room for improvement.  There are thousands of people that practice this lifestyle, and they all practice it a little bit differently than you do.  “Differently than you do” does NOT mean they have nothing beneficial to offer your relationship.  There are hundreds of blogs with thousands of articles about domestic discipline.  When someone has a good idea, or a good suggestion, or a good recommendation, or a good point that you feel could potentially benefit your relationship, take that information to your partner and discuss it with them.  Let them have a voice in the relationship, too.

Maybe you implement the new information/idea/concept into your DD practices or maybe you don’t, but either way you at LEAST made an effort to help your relationship and gave your partner an opportunity to read/consider it by presenting the information to them.  If your relationship and the domestic discipline aspect of it mean anything to you, why wouldn’t you present potentially helpful DD information to your partner?  Who knows – the one piece of information you choose to withhold from your partner could be the missing component needed to achieve ultimate happiness and harmony in your domestic discipline relationship.  You, your relationship, and your partner all deserve that opportunity.

  • Get involved in the domestic discipline community.  

What better way to gain knowledge about the lifestyle than directly from those who live it?  The community is chock full of knowledgeable, experienced, and helpful men and women who are happy to offer their perspectives on all things domestic discipline.  Making a concerted effort to get more involved in the community can help the transition into the lifestyle go much more smoothly.  Or, if you currently practice DD, interacting with others that practice provide you and your partner an opportunity to learn from others who understand what it means to live in a domestic discipline relationship.

There are many ways to get involved – from creating your own blog to commenting on existing domestic discipline blogs to joining domestic discipline groups – there’s something out there for everyone.  Don’t be shy..come join us!  We’re confident in saying that the domestic discipline community would welcome you with open arms.

Whatever your New Year’s resolution(s) may be, we wish you nothing but success with all of them.  Here’s to a happier healthier relationship, and a peaceful and prosperous 2017!

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