March Madness And Spring

March is in full swing, and that means March Madness is here. To some, that means the NCAA basketball tournaments, brackets, and all sorts of fun. For us, it simply means chaos. March Madness is the term we use to describe the chaos in our lives that seems to occur every spring as we transition from winter to spring, get ready for vacations, working on our spring projects at and wrapping up the winter ones, and this year..having a baby. March Madness perfectly describes this month for us.


  1.  I came across this article recently, written by a fellow submissive wife. It is a little bit older (written in December of last year, I believe) but it touches on some really important points, such as trusting your HOH, going from an abusive marriage into another marriage being a submissive wife, what she’s learned, and more. It’s worth reading, for sure.
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    1. When I think of spring, I think of… really good weather! Growing up in Texas, spring was always my second favorite time of year (behind fall) because it meant the weather was warm (but not unbearably hot yet, like the summers) and everything was starting to bloom again, and look pretty. Then, when we lived in Utah spring was such a great break from the harsh winters and I loved being able to get outside again (I hate being stuck in the house in the winter!). Now that we live in North Carolina, I’m looking forward to everything turning green and the weather being good enough to take my kids outside, to the park, etc.
    2. This spring I plan to…have a baby.  We’re also planning to spend a lot of time outdoors because we’re fortunate enough to live in an area that has tons of parks, lakes, etc. And, given that the beach is only a few hours away, we’ll probably be spending quite a bit of time there too. It’s our home away from home.
    3. Our plans for Easter are… currently on hold! It’s really difficult to plan things like Easter when, as of the time we wrote this post, the baby hasn’t been born yet (but is close!) and so we don’t know how much time the baby will need in the NICU, how I will be feeling, etc. This pregnancy (well, the end of it at least) has been a lot more complicated with most due to some serious health concerns, and therefore Easter is hard to plan. But, one thing I know for sure we’ll be doing is family pictures (in the.cutest.easter.outfits.ever!) as soon as we’re able to.
    4. I picked ___ to win the March Madness tournaments. Forgot to fill out my brackets this year. Whoops. I’ve been a tad bit busy. But, I will say that every year, in years past, I have done them (some years better than others). I always tell Clint I want to be the one in like a billion person that gets a perfect bracket..but it has yet to happen.
    5. My favorite part of March is…it’s hard to pick just one. The better weather is definitely a front runner though. Weather that is 70 degrees and sunny is awesome by me.


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  1. Congratulations on your new addition and hope everything goes well and the little one is health and gives your lives happiness.

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