I don’t have time to get spanked

The past few weeks have been hectic and I haven’t had much time to write. My husband’s work schedule is pretty crazy at the moment, our son is extremely mobile, we’re getting ready to move, I got sick (and now I’m better), we’ve got a bunch of trips coming up, and I could go on and on and on and on but you get the idea…we’ve been busy. So, with all of that, I’m sorry for my lack of ability to write.

Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on who you ask or how you think about it, domestic discipline doesn’t really disappear during those times when life gets extremely busy. 



Because our life is so busy lately, fortunately or unfortunately (depending on who you ask, and how you think about it) if I make a mistake/break a rule, I haven’t been getting a “major spanking.” I have, however, been getting these “nightly reminder spankings.” The point, I guess, is to remind me that I’m still in trouble, he hasn’t forgotten, and when our life settles down just for a moment, I’ll get spanked. 

At first, his concept of “nightly reminder spankings” seemed like a really dumb idea.

Just spank me and get it over with, right? However, as the nightly reminder spankings became more real, I realized that maybe it isn’t so bad. The concept of it is actually pretty effective, even though it sucks to admit sometimes that my husband was right and I was wrong.

Thankfully I have been following the rules pretty well lately though! Well, at least I think so. There was that one time (or two times..) when I left my hair straightener on for like four hours and almost burned down the house. But hey, aside from that, I’ve been an angel.  

So, after like four nights of him doing “nightly reminder spankings” and “cracking down to enforce the rules”, I’ve definitely learned not to leave my straightener on for several hours. 

If your life is getting hectic (like mine), there are alternates to making sure that domestic discipline doesn’t have to take a back seat. Just ask my husband, he seems to have no trouble at all finding ways around it. 

And now for my random sentences…

Thank you to everyone who wished me happy birthday yesterday!! I really appreciate it! 

Yesterday (on my birthday!!) my son said “mama” for the first time. Not only did he say it once, twice, three, four times but he wouldn’t stop saying it and he’s currently been saying it all morning. I have to say, it is the best feeling in he world. 

At some point next week, I’ll be doing a “Weekly Roundup” of the best DD blogs and blog entries on random topics. If there’s anyone you’d like to nominate, please email it to me.

Have a FANTASTIC weekend everyone!

9 thoughts on “I don’t have time to get spanked

  1. I think your husband has a more creative way to punish you, the nightly spankings I’m sure made his day. Instead of just one spanking he was able to get several spankings in. Where they all hand spankings done on your panties or pj’s or bare bottom? If you got hand spankings over your panties or pj’s that would be better than on the bare bottom and with an implimemt. Yes I’m looking at from the giving end vs receiving. ☹️😊🔥🔥Sorry

  2. My HoH always finds time to discipline me if I break our rules and of course whatever the punishments I have earned are they are the priority in my schedule until they are served.


      1. Yes I really appreciate knowing that if I do not do as I have agreed to that I have no doubt there will be consequences. This helps me focus on behaving and improving myself as I have this certainty and of course no that the consequences will be unpleasant and worthy of good behaviour so as to avoid them.

        I am sure like other wives I do not find being spanked, sent to the corner, losing privileges, writing lines, being sent to bed early, mouth soaping or different forms of dress discipline at all pleasant. This helps one to behave appropriately at all times.

  3. My wife and I practice a domestic discipline relationship but she is our Head of the Household and I am they submitted husband. We have interpreted the biblical scripture in a different way. My wife believes, and I agree, that it was written in a time when men were naturally the breadwinners of the family. They were more physically suited for the hard labor of farming and the trades of that time. It makes sense that the person who supports the family needs to have control and say so over how things go in the family.

    My wife quickly advanced in her career to where she had a very high level administrative and demanding job where she earned 70% of our income. Because of her status as our Breadwinner she knows things about our priorities that I am not aware, of like how much money she needs to spend on her professional wardrobe and what type of car she needs to drive to make the proper professional statement to clients and colleagues. She is sensitive to other subtle things that reflect on her status in the community and her career, such as what neighborhood we live in and what type of house we should be able to afford.

    When our kids came along she said that I could continue to work as a way of getting out of the house, as long as I could maintain employment that earned more than what child care cost us. I have always understood that, if she ever received a transfer that we would have to move for her career and I would have to quit my job and find something new when we moved to the new town. Her job is very demanding, often requiring long hours and sometimes having to go into her office on Saturdays. My job is much less demanding and is limited to 35 to 40 hours a week so it was decided that I would be responsible for taking care of all the domestic duties for the care of our home.

    When she meets co-workers after work for drinks or dinner she likes me to accompany her. But she has strict expectations for how she likes me to dress and present myself because I am a reflection of her professional image.

    There have been times when she felt that I presented myself in ways that put her professional image at risk. Sometimes, if she let me have a couple of drinks, I became too chatty and embarrassed her by trying to be too witty and clever, or interrupted her, or corrected her during social conversation. There were times when she was not satisfied with my level of grooming if I showed up with my hair needing a trim, wearing a wrinkled shirt, or with a spot on my tie. I had to learn when it was time for me to be quiet when the conversation with her coworkers turned to a discussion about work.

    It was then that she decided to institute domestic discipline. We turned to the Bible for guidance and decided that it could be interpreted as providing guidelines for the Head of the Household, and that might rightfully be the wife, when she is the Breadwinner.

    At first there were frequent lectures once we arrived home from an evening out, followed by a whipping with a leather shoulder strap from one of her purses. I quickly learned her expectations and there was less of a need for spankings over time. She now has some signals she uses, such as a raised eyebrow, or a squeeze to my knee under the table. I find that I can relate a lot to the experiences described on here by the submitted wives.

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