How we began with domestic discipline: Part 2

So here it was. My experiment to see if domestic discipline would actually work for my ridiculous procrastination habit was underway. I thought that agreeing to try domestic discipline with my husband would make me feel more calm and “less in control” (I hate being in control) but that wasn’t the case (at least not at first). Instead, I just felt all nervous and jittery- not calm at all. 


When it came time for my first punishment (spanking) for my awful procrastination habit, I was already kicking myself for even bringing up an idea such as domestic discipline. I was a little shocked, and honestly not very happy, that my husband had actually decided to go through with this. He was really going to spank me, and the emotions I felt were all over the board. I think I was mostly scared, but still, the curiosity I had was in full force. I was still dying to know if this would actually work. If it did, I vowed to do whatever I could to keep something so “magical” (for lack of a better word) in my marriage. If it didn’t, I vowed to go back to hating the concept of domestic discipline forever and thinking it was the worst idea I’d ever heard of.

The spanking was light, and over with in a flash. I think we were both still pretty nervous about this entire concept, so we definitely didn’t jump in with both feet right away (and, honestly, I’m glad we didn’t, looking back on it).Even though it was quick and didn’t hurt that bad at all, I immediately saw a transformation. It was almost like each of those few swats broke down the walls and problems a little at a time. When it was over, and my husband held me, it was like we reconnected on a whole different level. There was something about this concept that I once thought was awful, abusing, ridiculous, and stupid that actually worked. 

In addition to literally transforming me into what I think is a better person, it actually worked. Just that one spanking made me completely change my views on procrastinating. I became the “I’ll get it done when I feel like it, or whenever I remember, or whenever it’s convenient for me” type of person to the “I’ll do it now, so I don’t have to worry about it anymore” type of person. It not only helped me, but it helped my marriage in more ways than I even thought was possible.

So now, 3 years after my little experiment, I’m one of DD’s biggest supporters (well, “closet supporter” as I like to say, since I’m really not real open about the topic yet. But I’m working on it!). This thing called domestic discipline has changed my life, my marriage, and my outlook on things in so many ways.


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