How to use the command tone!

Domestic Discipline is a lifestyle which makes use of physical discipline to help the woman overcome her bad behaviors and negative attitudes. The actual discipline is meant to be a fairly serious and essentially unpleasant activity, because it is the pain of the spanking that corrects and deters her from misbehaving in the same way again. During the course of the discipline, the man will usually have to do a number of different things, not just spanking. One of the things he generally has to do is to give orders to his woman. Aside from informing her that she is going to be disciplined, at some stage he is going to have to tell her what to do.


Whether a woman obeys an order during her discipline will depend on a number of things. One of them is what kind of person she is. If she is a naturally feisty woman, she may be extremely reluctant to obey her man’s commands, even if she has already agreed to a Domestic Discipline lifestyle and even if she was the one who originally asked for it. Some men may need to actually wrestle their woman into submission before the spanking can properly begin. Another factor influencing a woman’s level of obedience during a discipline is her current mood. A normally compliant woman may become especially and unusally rebellious if she is experiencing PMS. Often a spanking will help her overcome this generalized anger and frustration that PMS can create. Whatever the reason may be, sometimes a woman will not obey her husband’s request that she submit to her discipline. As discussed in another article (Disobedience Discipline), disobedience during a discipline should normally be met with additional spanking or some alternative punishment. But the ideal situation is where the woman accepts her spanking because she submits to the decision of her HOH.

The main tool for discipline

Most people probably think that the main tool that a man uses to discipline his woman is his hand, or his paddle, or his belt. This is only half-true. The other main tool that he uses for Domestic Discipline is his voice. A man’s voice is a critical aspect of Domestic Discipline. With his voice, he can both scold and command her. Scolding is not the topic of this article, but commanding is. During a Domestic Discipline session, a man will need to command his woman at least once. The first command that he is likely to give her is to prepare herself for her spanking. This might be something like, “Go to the bedroom, remove your clothes and stand in the corner until I come.” Or his first command might be, “Come here and get over my knee.” This command is usually not the first thing he would say to her, of course. He would probably inform her of what she has done, why it was wrong and why she is going to be spanked, long before he gets around to ordering her to his lap or to the bedroom.

Since most normal men do not enjoy having to give their woman a punishment spanking, because it is emotionally unpleasant, physically tiring and generally time-consuming, most men would prefer that the woman obey each command when it is issued. We are going to explore how to increase the likelihood of the woman obeying the commands that she receives during a Domestic Discipline session. We are also going to explore in more detail why this obedience to commands is a good thing.


The main technique for ensuring a woman’s compliance with an order when she is disciplined is something called the Command Tone. A Command Tone describes a particular tone of voice that is more likely to get attention and obedience than any other tone of voice. Certain professions such as police officers, military officers, teachers and hypnotists learn the Command Tone as part of their professional training.

The command tone’s effect

When the Command Tone is used properly during a Domestic Discipline, there will be no question about the woman’s obedience to the order she has just received. The Command Tone is designed to ensure immediate compliance with an order. It provides the man with a greater certainty of being obeyed by his woman when he tells her to do something during her discipline. Naturally, she should normally be aware that any disobedience will be punishable by a Disobedience Discipline, which should also help to ensure her compliance.

What is the secret of the Command Tone? It is very simple. When an order is given using a Command Tone, the tone of the man’s voice should fall towards the end of the order. The Command Tone means that the tone of the voice falls, not rises. A rising tone indicates a question and, worse still, uncertainty. A man should not be expressing uncertainty when he disciplines his woman. He should be projecting certainty. Otherwise, how can he have the authority to discipline her at all? He must not only be sure of himself, he must project that sureness via his voice, so that she understands that she must obey him.

The other aspect of the Command Tone is using a deeper voice. A man must use common sense here. If he pitches his voice too low, he won’t have any range left to make his tone lower at the end of the command. Also, a man who forces his voice down unnaturally low will end up sounding ridiculous (there is only thing more ridiculous than a man forcing his voice unnaturally low, and that is a woman forcing her voice unnaturally low). Ridiculous is not a good idea for a Domestic Discipline session. Fortunately, most men have much deeper voices than women, so a man doesn’t need to try too hard to speak in a deep voice when disciplining his woman. He must remember to drop his tone towards the end of his sentence, otherwise he will be making a statement rather than issuing a command. Speaking in a constant tone for the entire sentence conveys the idea of a statement, rather than an order. A statement is more suited to saying something like, “You know that you must not drive your car dangerously,” or “you are going to be disciplined.” An order or command is something more like, “Go and stand in the corner.”

Men are usually naturally better at adopting a Command Tone than women are. The classic example is a mother’s comment to her children, “Wait until your father gets home.” This is not only based on the threat of punishment, but also on the fact that a man’s version of a Command Tone is generally much more convincing than a woman’s. A mother may often use a feminine version of the Command Tone when she wants her children to do something, but she knows that her husband’s version is substantially more persuasive than her own.


In addition to using a command tone, the man must be careful to phrase his orders as actual orders, not as questions. If the tone of his voice rises at the end of his orders, they will sound like questions, even if they are meant to be commands. But there is no point adopting a Command Tone and then using it to ask questions, as in, “Are you going to go to the bedroom now?” The Command Tone must be combined with actual commands in order to be effective.

Reasons to use the command tone

There are many good reasons to use a Command Tone during a Domestic Discipline session. Firstly, it will increase the chances of the woman obeying the man’s order. When a woman does as she is told, the whole discipline process flows much more smoothly, and the need for a Disobedience Discipline is removed. Secondly, and very importantly, the Command Tone helps put the woman into a more submissive frame of mind. As discussed in the article on Submission, when the woman enters a more submissive state she also enters more deeply into her own feminine energy. This prepares her to accept the masculine discipline that her man is about to give her, and it also positively and helpfully stimulates the flows of masculine and feminine energies between the man and the woman during the disciplinary process. So any technique that helps her submission also helps her and the entire Domestic Discipline process. A Command Tone will certainly inspire a more submissive attitude from the woman during her discipline.

A Command Tone will also reduce the stress of the spanking for the man. It is no easy task to discipline the woman you love – to strike her bottom repeatedly with the express intention of not only bringing her to tears, but to make her really cry until you are sure that she is repentant. If a man has even the slightest doubt in his mind, it will always be magnified by a woman’s refusal to obey his orders during a discipline spanking. His internal confusion will be increased by her disobedience. His stress, although he may not show it externally, will also increase too. To reduce this stress, a Command Tone is enormously helpful by increasing his woman’s obedience.

It will also reduce the physical exertion required by the man when he disciplines his woman, because he will be less likely to have to physically restrain her or manhandle her over his knee. While this is not usually a big deal, sometimes a man may be tired and therefore tempted to avoid disciplining his woman, even though she really needs it and deserves it. By putting his energy into his Command Tone, he will actually save energy which would otherwise be needed to force her into position for her spanking.

Does all this mean that he is treating his woman like a soldier, or a criminal, or a child? No, it doesn’t. It means that he simply requires her to obey him when he is going to discipline her. It means that he is speaking to her like a adult human being, but he expects her to comply with his orders. His Command Tone is the technique he uses to ensure her compliance, so that her discipline can proceed more smoothly for both the man and the woman, and so that her discipline will be more effective in correcting feminine misbehavior and preventing future bad behavior on her part. A Command Tone is not to be used all the time, otherwise the woman will feel like she is living with a martinet. But the loving man who uses Domestic Discipline in his marriage will naturally not want to order his wife around all the time, and will sensibly reserve its use for disciplinary sessions and serious emergencies.

Ultimately, the Command Tone is just another communication technique. It is designed to improve communication so that the person receiving the communication is both clear about its content and more likely to comply with it. Domestic Discipline creates and facilitates flows of energy between the man and the woman. The Command Tone is a further facilitator of this loving energy flow between man and woman, because it helps create a better Domestic Discipline process.

Just as many women notice that they feel more feminine and more fulfilled and comfortable in their own femininity after they start practicing Domestic Discipline, so too many women notice that their men become more manly as a result of living this wonderful lifestyle. Developing a convincing Command Tone will contribute to a man’s experience and enjoyment of his own masculinity, making him happier, more confident and more effective in all aspects of his life.

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