How to find others that practice Domestic Discipline

We say all the time that you never know who does domestic discipline in their own relationships. It’s something that is often kept really private, but can be found in the relationships of just about every walk of life around the world. One thing Clint and I are always amazed at is just how widespread, and popular, domestic discipline really is, and here’s just one example of what we mean.

When I was a freshman in college I became close friends with this girl who would later be one of my best friends. Her and I had so much in common, and were on the same cheerleading squad and actually lived only a few blocks from each other growing up, although we somehow never crossed paths. Just days after starting our freshman year we met, and the rest is history. We quickly became best friends, spent almost every day together throughout college, and even became roommates at one point.


After college, I stayed and went to grad school while she moved several hours away for an internship, but we remained really close. She moved in with her boyfriend shortly after moving, and at the time I knew nothing about domestic discipline (never even heard of it) but little did I know, she did. In fact, her and her boyfriend were just beginning domestic discipline – and I didn’t find out until years later.

Several years down the road I had graduated grad school and was living in Utah with my husband. Domestic Discipline was also going well at that point in time. One day, out of the blue, I got a text from her asking if we could talk. I said of course, and she called a few hours later. She sounded nervous and said she had something “random and weird” (I believe was the wording she used) to ask me. She then asked if I had a blog called “Domestic Discipline” and I was stunned. At that point in time, no one that we knew personally knew of Domestic Discipline (to our knowledge) and I didn’t know how to answer it. I mean, obviously I wasn’t going to lie to her but a part of me was nervous to admit it. I wasn’t used to “coming out about domestic discipline” at that point, and I really (really!) didn’t think that she would be okay with domestic discipline if she ever found out.

But, to my surprise, she was. In fact, the whole reason she asked me was because her and her boyfriend had been doing domestic discipline for awhile (and even had their own blog, so some of you who have been around the domestic discipline community for a long time may know her. Her blog alias was “Ella” although her blog is inactive now.) and they came across Domestic Discipline and saw the similarities between me and the blog (my husband’s and my name was the same, we lived in Utah, and more). It was crazy, and I was shocked. But a part (a huge part!) of me was so relieved. Not only did my best friend now know about domestic discipline but she completely understood. Her and her boyfriend didn’t practice domestic discipline the same as us, but just the fact that they did was awesome to me, and I know she felt the same way.

Now, many years later, her and I still keep in touch and are still close friends, and I think domestic discipline has only helped to bring us closer. Although we live on opposite sides of the country, we still manage to keep in touch. It’s reasons like this why we’re always encouraging those in domestic discipline relationships to have other friends who practice domestic discipline because, I’m telling you guys, it is awesome to be able to have friends to relate to.

This is just one of many stories of people we’ve come to find out, over the years, who have practiced domestic discipline and we’ve heard lots of stories similar to this from those around the domestic discipline community as well. In fact, a woman who attended one of our Learning Domestic Discipline Meet Ups this summer wrote us afterwards to say that her sons former kindergarten teacher was also there – how crazy is that?

We completely understand those who choose to keep domestic discipline private. Completely. understand. However, we also want to encourage people who feel ready to step out of your shell a little and make other friends within the community to do so because it really can be a liberating, fun and awesome experience.

12 thoughts on “How to find others that practice Domestic Discipline

  1. Are you talking about the Ella that had the blog C&E in DD? I miss their blog so much, they always made me feel comfortable in the DD world!

  2. I remember C&E in DD’s blog! It was wonderful. As I remember the would post very tastefully done videos. It was nice how they were able to film them without showing either of their faces to protect their privacy. Clint, when will you guys post some videos? I think they would be a very educational and informative way to demonstrate some of the concepts you write so well about. e.i . striking at 50% strength, I’m sure everyone who reads about that has a different idea of exactly how hard that is. It would be a good resource of all your followers, it is always nice to read about things, but so many people are visual learners as well.

    1. Funny I was thinking about this too. It would be good to you guys in action or role play on some videos. Of course your privacy should be Protected. If you wanted to protect Chelse’s privacy spank her over her panties or even a skirt.

  3. Hi for whatever reason I can not find the forems you are talking about …. For meetups. I would love to find others in my area that practice

  4. I admire your openness. I always say that submitting to my man has given me the greatest sense of freedom and joy. But being able to share your lifestyle with other likeminded couples is the last freedom that comes with Submission Domestic Discipline!

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