How to do Christmas Shopping as a Domestic Discipline Couple

Just over a week remains until Christmas – our favorite day of the year! I usually get most of my shopping done before mid-December, but Clint (being a typical guy) tends to wait until the week of the big day. There’s nothing wrong with that though – the sales are usually really good, and if you’re willing to brave the crowds, you can get some good deals.


If you’re like us and aren’t quite finished with your Christmas shopping yet, we’re here to help. Presenting..Christmas Shopping – Domestic Discipline Style. Since we sometimes get inquiries asking about gifts (primarily books) that pertain to the lifestyle, we figured this post would be helpful to many of you who are looking for domestic discipline-themed gifts for your partner this year.

Quick note: The prices listed below were accurate as of some days ago. Prices are subjected to change at any time. Also, all prices are listed in US currency.


We’ve always been fans of Cane-Iac’s implements. They’re the ones we personally use, and extremely durable (let’s just say Clint hasn’t broken any of them!) and affordable. Best of all, they have a huge selection. Among our favorites are..

Write-On Acrylic Paddle


Image courtesy of Cane-Iac

Is this not a cute idea? I could think of a million things to write on it..and best of all, it’s erasable so you can change it whenever you like. Aside from being versatile it’s also acrylic, which means it’s one of the more serious paddles they offer, so in our recommendations it’s probably better for those who have been practicing domestic discipline for quite some time.

Price: $17.99 

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The Spanking Buddy


Image courtesy of Cane-Iac

We’ve heard great things about The Spanking Buddy, which is popular for beginners and those who primarily spank over the knee but get tired of using their hand. The Spanking Buddy fits over your hand (like a glove, almost) and allows you to conduct an over the knee spanking without your hand getting wore out. It also allows the spanking to be a tad bit more intense than it would be if just the hand was used. This is also a good implement for beginners to purchase in transition from only using their hand to spanking with implements. The one we recommend is wooden, but it is also available in leather.

Price: $14.99

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Solid Oak Wooden Paddle


Image courtesy of Cane-Iac

This might look familiar to many of you who have been reading Learning Domestic Discipline for awhile because it’s the paddle that we often post about due to the fact that it’s the one we own. We’ve actually had it for several years now and it’s still holding up strong which either means it rarely gets used..or it’s just really durable.  If you’re in the market for a new paddle, this is the one we strongly recommend. Another neat thing that is also available are paddle cases, which are great gifts (and can fit into a stocking!) if you’re worried about children, or guests, seeing your implements.

Price: $17.99

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Aveda Wooden Paddle Brush


Image courtesy of Aveda

You might have read about this implement elsewhere on the blog as well – the wooden paddle brush. Back when we first began domestic discipline, and started using implements, the hairbrush was Clint’s “implement of choice” before we switched over to the paddle. We tried several different hairbrushes, but none seemed to hold up like this one. Although it obviously isn’t made specifically for spanking, like Cane-Iac’s implements, it does a great job. It’s even called a wooden paddle brush ..I mean, could the name be any more perfect?

Price: $22.00

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The Complete eBooks Package


We had a hard time choosing which of our eBooks to include in this post, so we figured we’d just include them all. The DD Complete eBooks Package contains all of our current DD eBooks available, including our longest eBook ever (over 100+ pages), our boot camp eBooks, the workbook, and more. If your partner has an ereader (Nook, Kindle, etc.), smartphone, or laptop this is the perfect gift to upload onto their device for them to help them learn more about the domestic discipline lifestyle, battle inconsistency, or plan a boot camp for the new year.

Price: $28.00

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The Surrendered Wife


Image courtesy of Amazon

The Surrendered Wife is one of those books that you read and still think about years later. There are parts of it that, for me, were just like “wow, that’s a really good point!” and other parts where I was like “I totally disagree with that statement”. I’ll be honest with you guys and say that I didn’t agree with the entire book..only about 80% actually, yet it is still one I recommend that other submissive wives read because it does make a lot of good points, and will change how you think about your marriage, and your husband. If you’re an HOH looking for books for your wife for Christmas, I recommend The Surrendered Wife. It’s eye opening, and looks at submission in a whole new light.

Price: $13.76 (for paperback)

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The Love Dare


Image courtesy of Amazon

We’ve mentioned The Love Dare a few times on our blog before, but it’s worth mentioning again because it really is that good. The Love Dare is a 40-day challenge for couples that encourages them to build on key relationship foundations, such as intimacy, respect, communication, love and trust. Although it doesn’t specifically have to do with domestic discipline, it does strengthen those foundations which are key in any relationship, especially one with domestic discipline. A lot of couples find that the exercises and challenges within The Love Dare really help with DD, even though they aren’t originally intended to. With the new year coming up now is the perfect time to start The Love Dare challenge.

Price: $9.44 (paperback)

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Coffee Mug


Image courtesy of CafePress

I came across this recently, and thought it was cute. The logo is a play on the Dunkin’ Donuts logo, but with a domestic discipline twist.  The phrase below it reads “our house runs on domestic discipline”. Cute, huh? I wish I would have thought of it. It’s also offered as a travel mug.  Quick side note: If you order today you can take 20% off with the code GETAGIFT at checkout on CafePress.

Price: $16.50

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Love Notes Jar


Image courtesy of Etsy

Several years ago I created an “I love you basket” for Clint and filled it full of his favorite candy and snacks, gift cards, a few CDs he had been wanting, and more. Whenever he had a hard day at work, or was just overly stressed/tired it really seemed to cheer him up to pick something from the basket when he got home. This “love notes” jar works in a similar way, except instead of gifts it is comprised of wooden hearts that you can write messages of encouragement and love on for your partner for when they’ve had a bad day or need a “pick me up”. Although the jar is for sale, you could also make your own (which would be pretty easy to do, I think) and would make a really cute stocking stuffer idea. You could also use it as a reward jar!

Price: $25.00

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Love Coupons


Image courtesy of I Heart Naptime

These “love coupon” books have been around forever – I remember seeing them in stores like Hallmark years and years ago, and they’ve remained popular ever since. Although you can buy them, I always think it’s more fun to customize them and make them yourself so that you can tailor them to your own marriage..and you could even add in some domestic discipline ones! I’ve always thought a “get out of spanking” coupon was a brilliant idea..hint hint.  Similar to the “love notes jar” above, these also make great stocking stuffers.

Price: Free! 

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So there you have it – if you haven’t finished your shopping yet, now you can! Christmas is just a few days away.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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