How to deal with a disobedient wife – part 2

One of the things discussed in the previous post entitled “Disobedience Discipline” was the occasional necessity to discipline a woman who interferes with her spanking by trying to shield her bottom with one or both of her hands. This kind of behavior needs to be discouraged because it is both dangerous (physically) and disobedient, which weakens the whole Loving Domestic Discipline arrangement.


So the best way to deal with a woman who keeps trying to protect her bottom with her hands is to spank her hands. The best way to spank a woman’s hand or hands is to use a soft leather belt. You should never use something hard like a hairbrush, paddle (wood/plastic/etc) or a cane, because these can damage the hands seriously if used incorrectly. A leather belt that is not too hard or stiff is the ideal device. A tawse, if you know what that is, will also work fine.

It is usually best and most effective to spank both of her hands simultaneously, so have her fully extend her arms in front of her, with her palms facing up. Don’t stand in front of her in case the belt strikes her body instead of her hands. Stand to one side so that you can lay the belt across her palms from the side.

A spanking of the hands can be quite humiliating, especially since the hands are not an inherently erogenous zone, unlike the bottom. If the woman is naked, her sense of shame may be magnified during a hand spanking or strapping. Since the hands are more sensitive than the bottom, she won’t need many strokes of the belt before she has been sufficiently discouraged from using her hand to block swats aimed at her butt. For some women, having their hands spanked in the middle of a discipline session is a very effective way to bring them to tears. They can then be returned to the OTK position to continue their spanking.

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