Our first Hotel Spanking!

Some years ago, Chels and I took a vacation to New York City.  Chelsea had been to New York City countless times, however this was only the second time I had ever been.   We had recently gotten married and we wanted to take one more vacation together before we started having children.  We figured NYC was a great choice at this point in our lives since, more than likely, a NYC vacation would be much more challenging to do after we had kiddos.  So, off to the Big Apple we went!

  The only event we had planned was the David Letterman show.  We had won tickets to attend a taping.  His main guest that day was Barbara Walters, for anyone wondering.  Other than that, this was simply a “get away” vacation for us.  We did a lot of shopping around Manhattan and we visited a lot of the tourist-y spots.  We saw the memorial at Ground Zero (although at this point it hadn’t been finished yet), Central Park, the Empire State Building, the Rockerfeller Center, Radio City Music Hall — places like that.  We had a lot of fun seeing the city and we obviously enjoyed our time together, away from the stresses our day-to-day lives.

  We did, however, have a little scare while we were there.

  One evening we were at Battery Park, which is at the south end of Manhattan (for anyone who has never been there before).  Battery Park offers views of the Statue of Liberty, which is something I wanted to see before we wrapped up our trip.  Being the little tourist that I was, I searched for the best vantage point I could find in order to get some semi-decent pictures.  It was dark, so the photo-ops weren’t that great.  After a few minutes of taking photos, I naturally wanted to show Chelsea some that I had taken.  When I turned around expecting her to be right behind me, she was gone.

  I didn’t panic, because I figured she was doing the same thing I was.  I figured she was trying to get some good pictures of the Statue of Liberty, and she had just wandered down the walk way a bit.  I started looking for her.

  After searching for about ten minutes, I couldn’t find her.  I still wasn’t panicked, but I was really starting to wonder where she was.  I mean, I only had my back turned for a minute or two.  She couldn’t have wandered that far off, right?  I continued my search.

  After searching for another ten minutes or so, I still had no luck in finding her.  Now I was starting to worry.  It had been about 20 minutes and there was no sign of her anywhere.  No texts or calls from her, either.  We were in a big unfamiliar city, where it was dark and we literally knew no one, and I had absolutely no idea where my wife was.  Sure, it hadn’t been THAT long, but it this was very unlike her and it was extremely unsettling.

  Another ten minutes went by and still nothing from Chelsea.  Now I was really starting to freak out.  I still had no clue where she was and I had searched that whole area.  Still no texts or calls.  Nothing.  I remember telling myself that I would search for another ten minutes or so, and if I still couldn’t find her and didn’t hear from her, I was going to call the police.

  A few minutes later, I heard a voice behind me.  “Hey babe!”

  It was Chelsea.  Thank God.  She was in a normal, cheerful mood.  Me, well, not so much.

  I was SO glad she was okay.  My mind was starting to wander to the worst possible scenarios, so seeing her took a tremendous amount of weight off of my mind.  I was incredibly, incredibly relieved.  She was fine.  I wasn’t, but she was.

  After my worry subdued a bit, we had a little chat.  I wasn’t very happy.  She wandered off without telling me where she was going, in the dark, and it scared the crap out of me.  For those curious, a purse vendor over by where the ferries run evidently piqued her interest, so she went over to have a look.  I think there’s a restaurant she was looking at over there too if my memory serves me correctly, but I may be wrong about that.  This was four and a half years ago, so my recollection may be a little off.  Anyway, the bottom line is that she wandered over there without letting me know and I really didn’t appreciate it.

  I never want to punish while on vacation.  Thankfully, I very rarely feel like I have to.  However, in this instance, I felt I needed to punish Chelsea because, in all honesty, I think I’d pass out and die from a heart attack if she ever did that again.  

  I didn’t want to spank in the hotel that night since, I figured, most people would be in their rooms.  I wasn’t in the mood to deal with a situation where someone overheard me spanking my wife.  No thanks.  So, late the following morning, after most people were out and about, I cranked the volume up on the TV almost as high as it would go and I spanked Chelsea with her hairbrush.  

  I didn’t pack implements since I didn’t think I’d need them (which, in hindsight, was a mistake).  I was nervous spanking her in our hotel, but I felt I needed to take care of this so the whole situation didn’t linger over us as we tried to enjoy the rest of our vacation.

  The spanking went as smoothly as I could ask for.  Chelsea was very understanding and cooperative.  I turned the volume on the TV back down to a tolerable level and we went back to “normal.”  We talked a lot about the incident, but after the spanking we were able to put it behind us and enjoy the rest of our stay in Manhattan.  

  Two things have never happened since this incident: Chelsea has never randomly wandered off in an unfamiliar city at night (or any time of day), and I’ve never forgotten to pack my implements. 

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  1. Same thing happened with me and my husband except we weren’t in NYC we were in St Joseph Missouri but it wasn’t just me it was me and my daughter so he was worried about not only me but our daughter, and boy I never thought I would get the end of that,…..

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