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This page contains all the posts which are relevant for the head of household (HoH).

The categories are the following:


Basic posts:


On challenges:

  • Domestic Discipline Challenges: Travel
  • Domestic Discipline Challenges: Injury
  • Domestic Discipline Challenges: Children
  • How to do Christmas Shopping as a Domestic Discipline Couple

On the submissive’s role from a HoH point of view:

  • How to maintain a woman’s good behaviour and attitude
  • Why spanking can foster a loving relationship
  • Discipline and Nudity
  • Why women want to be held responsible for their misbehaviour
  • Insufficient discipline: How not to live domestic discipline
  • Should women fear a spanking?
  • Spanking vs. Abuse: Clearing up misconceptions
  • Emotions in domestic discipline
  • What is bratting and why do women brat?
  • How to discipline a misbehaving woman correctly


On the HoH Role:

  • Inconsistency vs. Priorities in Domestic Discipline
  • How a wife sees her husband’s inconsistency
  • Should a submissive fear a spanking?
  • FAQs – Reluctancy edition
  • FAQs – HoH Accountability Edition
  • FAQs – Changing Dynamic edition
  • Domestic Discipline Contracts: Various samples
  • Approaching others about Domestic Discipline as HoH
  • Being approachable as Head of Household
  • Personal: What does the HoH think during a Spanking?
  • Personal: How to find others that practice Domestic Discipline
  • Personal: Domestic discipline resolutions update
  • Being approachable as Head of Household
  • Personal: Confessions of a HoH
  • Personal: A rock in the pond
  • Personal: We’ll do the spankings all over again!
  • Personal Post: Reviewing the rules
  • HoH: Taking responsibility
  • How to deal with a disobedient wife – part 1
  • How to deal with a disobedient wife – part 2
  • How to use the command tone!
  • The four types of the Head of the Household (HoH)
  • Spanking issues: negotating
  • Spanking Issues: Hesitation
  • FAQ – Accountability of the Head of Household (HoH)
  • Domestic discipline contracts

On implements:


On punishing:


On spanking:

  • Warm Up Spankings
  • Timed Spankings!
  • Should you spank multiple times a day?
  • Rubbing: Before, During and After a Spanking
  • Reminder Spankings
  • Advanced Level Spankings – Alternative Version
  • Spanking Issues: Reaching
  • Spanking Issues: Movement
  • Blended Spankings
  • Blended Spankings
  • Advanced spankings, or preemptive discipline
  • Should women be spanked nude?
  • What is the use of multiple spankings?

Alternatives to spanking

  • How to improve your Domestic Discipline relationship with shame
  • How to make Domestic Discipline work with scolding
  • Grow your domestic discipline relationship with rituals
  • How to keep a punishment book
  • How to discipline a woman without spanking


Other’s experiences:


  • An interview with a Spencer Spanking Plan couple
  • An interview with a couple in a Female Led Domestic Discipline Relationship



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