Five things: the retreat edition

The first day of fall is almost here! In the last Five Things Friday entry we introduced our fall posting format (which you can see below in case you missed it) and announced some of our fall projects. We’re definitely excited that fall is here.

Below is the posting format that we’re following this fall for the Five Things series.

1. We’re heading on vacation! We’ll be gone next week on a (much needed) family vacation. Here’s how this will effect you. We’ll still be following our fall posting schedule (by scheduling the posts in advance) so there will still be content on the blog, but emails, comments, and tech support questions directed towards us may take longer to get a response. We also will not be opening any Learning Domestic Discipline Meetup registrations during this time. When we get back, please bare with us on getting caught up on everything. We know the timing isn’t super ideal for a vacation right now (with the meetups in full swing, retreat announcements coming this week, and more) but we really need one. Thanks, in advance, for understanding!

2. We’ve got a few fun things coming this week. For starters, we completely redid the Learning Domestic Discipline Meetups page which will officially launch this upcoming week. The new meetups site will allow you to search for meetups based on your location, clarify registration details, secure pre-registration spots, and more. It’s a much more organized system. And, speaking of organization, we’re finally (finally!) about to launch the directory. The directory houses all 400+ Learning Domestic Discipline posts in an easy to find format. We’ll also be making a few minor changes to the Learning Domestic Discipline Blog, and, of course, the big retreat announcement (see below for more information). We’ve got a big week coming up!

3. We finally nailed down the details of the Learning Domestic Discipline Retreat! We know many of you are excited (and we are too!) so here’s a sneak preview before we make the official announcement next week. This year we will be releasing the dates of the retreat and the general location. We think this will make it much easier for planning purposes, but still keep a sense of privacy.


5. Here are the 5 questions for this week’s Finish This Linkup. 

I’m serious about…how we raise our kids. I actually had to ask my husband to help me with what I’m serious about because everything that came to mind I was second-guessing. I guess I’m tired.  But, anyway, he’s right (see, I can always count on him!). How we raise our kids, their health, their education, and more is ridiculously important to me. I take motherhood pretty darn seriously.

My first paying job was…I worked at Abercrombie and Fitch, embarrasingly enough. Funny thing is, at the time I loved Abercrombie and I thought it was pretty fun to sit there, fold clothes all day, run the registers every now and again, promote random products (swimsuits in the summer, jeans in the fall, etc.) and I must have been decently good at it because they promoted me like three times, making it really difficult to leave. Eventually I did (when I was mid-way through college and decided that Abercrombie just wasn’t “my thing” anymore) and now I can’t stand the store. Every time we walk by one in the mall the smell of the store almost instantly gives me a headache, the music is annoying, and their store policies are just really bad (that’s putting it nicely). But, that was my first job and most days I don’t regret it.

I am most relaxed when it’s night time. After my kids are in bed, dinner is done (dinner time is the most hectic hour at our house, I swear), the house is clean, my to do list for the day is just about checked off – that’s when it’s the most relaxing because I’m not running around doing a billion different things.

There’s no place like…the beach. The weather, the waves, the sand, the people, the sound of the ocean – the beach is paradise and probably my favorite place on earth, aside from home. My kids also love the beach (my 3 year old loves it so much he sleeps with a bucket of seashells each night instead of the traditional blanket, teddy bear, etc.).

All that really matters to me is…that, at the end of the day, my husband and my kids are happy and healthy. During the day I get so caught up in to do lists, running errands, Learning Domestic Discipline stuff, cooking, cleaning, the list goes on that I let it all stress me out too much. So, I try to take time and remember that all that really matters is that my husband and kids are happy, because that’s the most important thing in the world to me.


That was an information packed Five Things this week, I know. Hopefully it didn’t overwhelm y’all too much. We’re looking forward to a relaxing (vacation!) week but also a very productive one in terms of posts and new features/announcements for you guys. Stay tuned.

Enjoy your weekend!

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