A – Z: Easter blessings

Happy Easter everyone!

But, although this post is short and sweet and doesn’t have much to do with domestic discipline, don’t worry. There’s still a few days at the end of the month that we’ll fill with personal posts as bonuses for you guys (consider that your present from the Easter Bunny).

Easter means a lot to us this year, for many reasons. Most importantly, it’s a significant religious holiday for us as we’re Christians. It also is a fun time to celebrate with friends and family, and, let’s face it, our 3 year old is really into holidays (must take after his mom, huh?) so it’s great that we’re able to make it special for our kids. We weren’t sure how this Easter would go, to be honest, with all of the health issues we’ve been facing throughout the past few months and although they’re still ongoing, we’re so grateful to be able to spend this day together as a family.

From our family to yours, we hope you have a wonderful Easter.