Domestic discipline punishments: written reports & essays

Punishments are a common topic in domestic discipline, obviously.  They’re essentially what make this lifestyle different from the “norm.”  Naturally we’ve covered many of them on this website.  Everything from minor punishments (such as apology letters) to major punishments (like spanking) and just about everything in between is covered on the blog.  However, there is one punishment that we have yet to cover.

We haven’t covered written reports/essays as a punishment option for domestic discipline couples.


Written reports/essays haven’t been covered on the blog for the simple reason that we overlooked them.  We’re not making excuses for that – we plain and simply overlooked them.  But, we want to present as many appropriate punishment options to readers as we can, and we feel this punishment option meets that standard. 

What are written reports/essays, and what makes them effective?

  Written reports/essays are rather self-explanatory.  Essentially the head of the household requires a written report/essay on a topic relating to the infraction committed by the submissive partner.  The written report/essay serves as the punishment to whatever infraction was committed.  Parameters are put in place (length of the report/essay, the deadline, etc.) by the head of the household, which the submissive partner is expected to follow.

  This punishment is effective due to the amount of thought that has to be put into it.  When getting to the root of any given issue, often times the infraction is a result of not thinking through the situation, or acting on impulse in some fashion (without thinking ahead of time).  So, this punishment basically gets the submissive partner thinking deeper, longer, and more critically about the infraction and why it’s a problem.  It’s a challenging exercise, mentally, that helps to change the perception and interpretation of the agreed upon rule of the home/relationship.

Let’s give an example.


  Pat, the head of the household in the relationship, has spanked Taylor several times for failing to lock the car doors when the car isn’t in use.  While Taylor has gotten better about locking the car doors, obviously something isn’t getting through since this problem still comes up from time to time.  Frustrated, Pat considers doing something different as punishment.  Spanking is only yielding modest results.

  When Pat asks Taylor why this keeps happening, Taylor responds with some variation of, “I really don’t know.  I just don’t think about it.  I’m sorry.”  Pat obviously wants Taylor to think about locking the car doors at all times, so a punishment that will get Taylor thinking a little more about this problem is something Pat wants to look into.  After considering several options, Pat decides to have Taylor write a report/essay about the dangers of leaving the car doors unlocked.

  Pat decides that Taylor must find three articles (either online or in local news publications) that talk about car break-ins, car theft, car stereo theft, etc., and write a two page report/essay on them.  Pat also wants statistics that pertain to auto theft in their city and state included in Taylor’s report/essay.  Pat gives Taylor two days to complete it.  If the report/essay is not finished in two days, Taylor will be spanked, and a new deadline will be set.

  In this example, you can see how this punishment will get the submissive partner, Taylor, thinking a lot deeper about the problem.  That will help in correcting the issue long term.  The report/essay will also require a great deal of time and research to complete, which will send a stronger message to the submissive partner as to how important this rule is.  That will help in its effectiveness as well.  Again, the point is to get the submissive partner thinking deeper about the issue, why it’s a problem, and ultimately having them gain a better understanding as to why it’s so important that the rule be followed at all times.

  This is a good punishment for HoHs to consider when addressing a repeat issue.  If an HoH is growing frustrated that a particular issue isn’t getting corrected, administering a punishment that requires more thought from the submissive partner (like writing a report/essay) will most likely yield the results they’re looking for.

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  1. Thank you for this post! I think that essay writing is a fantastic idea for a repeated offense as it will encourage the TIH to really think about the situation, what can be done to prevent it, etc.

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