Domestic Discipline Glossary

There are a lot of terms you need to know about and understand under the broad topic of domestic discipline.  The  blog contains articles that go into greater detail on the majority of these terms, but this glossary is for quick reference if you need a quick definition on a domestic discipline term.  Terms are listed alphabetically, and additional terms will be added over time if and when necessary.


Bedroom Time: A punishment in which the submissive partner spends a length of time determined by the head of household in the bedroom in an effort to correct an unwanted, dangerous, or detrimental behavior.  A more extensive definition can be found here.

Corner Time: A punishment in which the submissive partner stands in a corner of a room for a length of time determined by the head of household in an effort to correct an unwanted, dangerous, or detrimental behavior.  A more extensive definition can be found here.

Domestic Discipline (DD): The practice between two consenting life partners in which the head of household punishes their life partner in an effort to correct dangerous or detrimental behaviors for the overall benefit of the relationship/marriage and family dynamic.  Also commonly referred to as Christian Domestic Discipline (CDD).  A more extensive definition can be found here.

Female Led Relationship (FLR): FLR relationships are another dynamic of the domestic discipline lifestyle in which the female in the relationship is known as the HOH, and the male in the relationship is the submissive partner.  You can find one example for a female led relationship here.

Head of Household (HoH): The individual in one family setting who provides support and maintenance to one or more individuals who are related to him or her through adoption, blood or companionship.  The disciplinarian of the relationship and family, and the enforcer of the rules and expectations within the relationship and family.Here’s the category on the Head of Household.

Implement: An item/object used to conduct a spanking. A list of implements can be found here.

Non-Consensual Consent: Consent given by both partners to practice domestic discipline for the duration of the relationship.  When consenting to practicing DD, one consents to the entire practice for the remainder of the relationship (or until either partner withdraws consent), and not on a case-by-case punishment basis.

Over The Knee (OTK): A spanking position in which the submissive partner lies over the lap of the head of household, on their stomach.  This position can cause a bit of discomfort, but it is also enhances intimacy between partners.

Punishment: The process of decreasing the probability of a negative behavior by imposing an unpleasant or painful consequence in response to that negative behavior.  The opposite of reinforcement.

Reinforcement: The process of increasing the probability of a positive behavior by rewarding that positive behavior. The opposite of punishment.  For more about reinforcement, click here.

Sit Spot: The area of the body where the thighs meet the buttocks.

Spanking: A punishment in which the head of the household strikes the buttocks and/or sit spot of the submissive partner with their hand or an implement in an effort to correct an unwanted, dangerous, or detrimental behavior.  Spanking is only to be done in a calm, cool, and collected manner, and only to be done in a controlled environment.  Spanking is done in a loving manner, and is only to be done when a mistake is made or poor judgment is used.  If you’re new to domestic discipline and the concept of consensual adult spanking, a good place to start with understanding the spanking process can be found here.

The Spencer Plan Dynamic: A dynamic where there are no defined roles within the domestic discipline relationship and both parties are equally held responsible for the rules, and consequences. More information on The Spencer Plan can be found here

TTWD: An acronym for “this thing we do”, commonly used by those in consensual adult spanking and/or domestic discipline relationships in reference to practicing a lifestyle considered to be different from the mainstream.

Warm Up Spanking:  A brief spanking done before the main spanking to “prepare” the nerves of the buttocks.  The nerves are brought to the surface of the buttocks, thus greatly decreasing the likelihood of bruising.  Warm up spankings are typically done with the hand or a wooden spoon, and are typically light in nature.  A more extensive definition of a warm up spanking can be found here.

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