Domestic Discipline Boot Camp for Beginners

What is Domestic Discipline Boot Camp for beginners?

Beginner domestic discipline boot camp is a 2-day experience for committed couples who either want to begin domestic discipline in their relationship, or for committed couples who are in the very early stages of their domestic discipline practices.

Beginner domestic discipline boot camp is designed and intended to establish, define, and construct relationship roles in both partners, as well as familiarize both partners with important key components to a domestic discipline relationship. Lectures, punishments, rewards, and more will be discussed, carried out, modified, and eventually executed (towards the end of boot camp) in a way that works best for both partners and their relationship.
In addition to these things, beginner domestic discipline boot camp contains a series of mandatory relationship exercises, referred to as “homework assignments”, designed to establish, promote, and enhance key relationship components such as communication, trust, respect, intimacy, and love.

Why should you do beginner domestic discipline boot camp? A “boot camp” sounds difficult and scary.

It’s easy to hear the term “boot camp” and immediately jump to a conclusion that suggests this entire experience will be a rather intense and enduring one for both partners. While certain elements of beginner boot camp will certainly challenge individuals and put the relationship to the test to a certain degree, the overall experience of beginner domestic discipline boot camp is, and should be, a much more pleasant one than the name may initially imply.
Think of beginner boot camp not as a daunting and discouraging task, but rather as an initiation of sorts to the domestic discipline lifestyle. Think of it as “whipping your relationship into shape” and getting the relationship headed on the right path toward what you both envision for your future together.

This is about getting organized and defining roles to establish more structure, balance, stability, and direction for you both going forward. This is about becoming completely comfortable with lectures, punishments, and relationship roles that are important components of the domestic discipline dynamic. This is essentially “spring cleaning” your relationship, so to speak, and that’s not a bad thing – that’s a healthy thing.
When a couple agrees and consents to practicing domestic discipline with their partner, often times they have difficulty with getting started. For some the entire dynamic is changing or reversing, and for others it’s simply a matter of incorporating the punishments into their day to day lives.
It can be awkward, challenging, and downright frustrating to get started with domestic discipline. Beginner boot camp is designed and intended to help make that transition as smooth and effortless as possible.

This is why a couple would agree to a beginner domestic discipline boot camp.


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