Couple’s challenges: Spread the word

April is here, and April is a big month for Learning Domestic Discipline.  The website’s birthday is this month!  Hooray!  A lot of domestic discipline information has been covered on the blog over the years, and there have been 11 different challenges at the beginning of each month to help you and your partner along in the DD journey.  Hopefully the blog and those challenges have enhanced your relationship in all the ways they were intended to.


We plan on writing a more extensive “thank you” letter to you, the reader of Learning Domestic Discipline, but for now we’d just like to quickly say thank you so very much for making the blog a success.  This site would not exist without your support, and we genuinely appreciate you taking a few minutes out of your lives to see what’s new here each week.  Thank you.

If the monthly couples challenges have helped your relationship, or if you have found any the information on the blog useful/helpful, or both, then we’d like to ask you one thing in return.  We don’t ask much from our readers, but for this month’s challenge we ARE asking something of you.


  Bring at least one couple to the domestic discipline lifestyle.  Do your very best in educating them on the lifestyle, give them resources to learn more about it, and help spread the secret to a stronger relationship to at least one couple that could use it.
This challenge isn’t about promoting  We don’t really care about all that.  If you want to use this site to help with the challenge this month that’s wonderful, but we honestly don’t care if you do or don’t.  This challenge is about helping others who need it.  This challenge is about giving the gift of a stronger relationship to another couple.  This challenge is about helping to spread the word that this lifestyle doesn’t have to be – and isn’t – as crazy as it is perceived to be by so many.

We wrote two posts last week specifically for this challenge.  They’re about approaching other couples with the idea of domestic discipline, and you can read them here and here.

If you’ve done zero of the couples challenges up to this point, please do this one.  Please.  This one means a lot to both of us.  This is why we write about domestic discipline, this is why we spend countless hours interacting with readers via comments, emails, forums, social networks, etc., and this is why we write books about this topic – this is why we do what we do.  We want to help as many relationships as we can, and we’re personally asking you to help us in doing that.

Just one couple.  That’s all we ask.  We don’t think that’s asking too much.

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Good luck with the challenge, and thank you in advance.

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