Couple’s challenges: Planning improvement

The fall season is upon us and the calendar has switched to September.  That means it’s time for another Couples Challenge here at Learning Domestic Discipline!  Past challenges have focused on individual qualities, rules and confessions.  This time we’ll focus on strengthening the relationship itself.



Write a one page letter on how you feel your relationship/marriage could be better, including what areas/aspects of the relationship/marriage you feel both of you need to improve upon.  Read your letter to your spouse, and create a plan with your spouse on how to address these areas to improve and strengthen the overall relationship/marriage.


  • Our marriage needs more consistency from myself when it comes to enforcing the rules of the household.  I wrote about the importance of consistency, and I need to take my own advice. On another website, I found a really good and long introduction to consistency in Domestic Discipline, which is helfpul. Consistency is definitely something that needs to improve in our marriage, and that is entirely my responsibility.  My wife and I have discussed this problem at length, and our plan is to go over the rules and expectations of the household again as a reminder to both of us, and I in turn plan on stepping up with the enforcement of those rules.

I kept my example somewhat brief (it obviously isn’t a page long letter), but you get the idea.  Every marriage has room for improvement, and this exercise is intended to identify where the relationship can improve, acknowledge that it needs attention/correction, and address these problematic aspects in such a way that will be beneficial for the relationship.

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Good luck with the challenge!


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