Couple’s challenges: Great qualities – Part 2

According to our calendar it’s July, which means it’s time for another Couples Challenge here at Learning Domestic Discipline!  Last month the challenge was to list 10 positive qualities about your partner and elaborate on them.  Well, it’s time to focus on yourself this time around.


If you’re a little behind or new to the website, you’ve got some catching up to do!  Please click on the June Couples Challenge for last month’s exercise, and definitely make sure to do the May Couples Challenge if you’re just starting out in a domestic discipline relationship.


  List at least 10 positive qualities you find in yourself and elaborate on them.  Write each quality down separately, then when finished discuss them together with your partner.  This exercise will build your self-confidence, and perhaps bring to light some things about yourself you wish your partner would notice and appreciate a little more often.


We’ll give you an example to get you started.

  • I (Clint) am good at managing finances – Finances can make or break a relationship, and budgeting is key to financial success in any relationship.  I make a conscious effort not to overspend on frivolous things, and I take the necessary measures (i.e. lectures, punishments) to ensure my wife understands the importance of not overspending as well.  I always make sure our finances go to necessities first, but I also make sure we budget for fun activities as well.  I feel I do a good job with this aspect of our marriage, and I like that about myself. 

You’re going to find this challenge to be a difficult one, and it is.  But it shouldn’t be!  We all should have several qualities about ourselves that we like.  Don’t be afraid to brag about yourself on this challenge.  This is the time to do it!  You’ll find that you like yourself more than you thought you did, and it will help your partner see even more great qualities about you that they may have inadvertently overlooked.

Good luck!

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