Couple’s challenges: Confessions

Well look at that – it’s a new month which means it’s time for another Couples Challenge here at Learning Domestic Discipline!  These months go by so fast sometimes.  We can’t believe it’s August already.  Anyway, this challenge is going to be a tough one.  We did this and it was not very easy.  It’s confession time, ladies and gentlemen.



Confess something you’ve done in the past to your partner that they don’t already know about.  This exercise will give you a clean conscience, and it will help build the trust and communication between you and your partner.  Chances are you already have something in mind, and chances are your partner has a right to know about it.  Punishing for the confession is optional (to be determined by the HoH).

We’ll give you an example (my wife already knows about this):

  • When I (Clint) was 12 years old, I got caught shoplifting baseball cards from a local department store.  Yes, it’s true.  After class I went to this store and stole some baseball cards.  It was a really dumb thing to do, I was influenced by some friends of mine, and I ended up spending some time in a holding cell at the police station and serving numerous hours of community service.  In hindsight it was one of the best things that has ever happened to me since I haven’t broken the law since.  I learned my lesson.

Now you all know a little dirt on me!  This is 100% true.  Again, my wife knows about this so it’s out in the open in our marriage.  It feels good that it is, too.  Now it’s out in the open to all of you as well.  I think after you confess something to your partner, you’ll feel better about it being out in the open as well.  It’s tough to do, but this isn’t called a challenge for nothing.


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Good luck.

5 thoughts on “Couple’s challenges: Confessions

  1. Great Challenge guys! In addition to the confession, should we ask for/ say what punishment we would expect? Chelsea what is your confession to Clint? What punishment do you think is appropriate?

  2. I do have a confession to make to him but I am so nervous to tell him. I am afraid of how dissapointed in me he will be and I know he will be angry.
    I lost my drivers license. This wouldnt be such a big deal if I have only done this once or twice over a few years, but I have lost important items likr this before. We have replaced my credit card 5 times this year because I kept losing it. Yes I got in trouble for it. That is why I am trying diligently put it back in my wallet after every use.
    My drivers license is probably going to be his last straw. worst part is, I think I lost it on the fair grounds. I had to show ID to purchase a wrist band for rides. I still have my credit card. Which is a good thing.
    But I have been holding out on this confession for 4 days. I know he will think that punishments aren’t working because I keep making this mistake over and over again. I don’t want him to give up on DD or me. I have learned my lesson and am so dissapointed in myself for being so irresponsible again.
    I want my confession to show how remorseful I am.

    1. Wow! You should tell him, of course! He will judge the situation and react accordingly. And of course you should tell him how remorseful you are… and tell us how it went!

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