Couples Challenges: Compliments

Happy New Year to you all!  The holidays were wonderful to us, and we certainly hope they were wonderful to you and your family as well.  It’s always nice to take some time off and take a little break from things to be with the family during the holiday season.  The past two weeks were wonderful, and now it’s time to start a brand new year!

Before we get into the Couples Challenge for the month, we’d like to welcome all the new readers of Learning Domestic Discipline!  If you’ve decided to begin domestic discipline as a New Year’s resolution, you’ve made an excellent choice!  Again we welcome you, we wish you the very best of luck with your journey, and we certainly hope you find the Learning Domestic Discipline website andbook helpful along the way.

Every new month brings a new Couples Challenge here at Learning Domestic Discipline, and it’s time for January’s challenge!  The holidays and New Year are about feeling good and starting fresh with a “brand new you”, and both of those things can be accomplished with this challenge.  This challenge is all about making your partner feel good about themselves by giving them a daily reminder.  We have a feeling your partner is going to like the new you!



  Compliment your partner daily.  Even the smallest compliment can help them feel much better about themselves and build their self-esteem, regardless of what mood they’re in at any given moment.

When was the last time you said, “Honey, you look great today,” or “You really did a great job with handling the kids today.  I know it was stressful, but you really impressed me,” to your partner?  Compliments like these not only let your partner know that you’re paying attention to and appreciating the small things, but they also make your partner feel good about themselves.  Compliments build self-esteem, and high self-esteem from one or both partners brings happiness to the relationship.

Some of you may already do this on a daily basis, which is wonderful.  Maybe a second compliment a day can be your challenge for the month.  Either way, it’s important to compliment your partner regularly to keep building happiness in the relationship, and the home.

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Good luck with the challenge!

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