Couples challenges: Appreciation

It’s hard to believe it’s March already.  The good news (at least for most of the United States) is that the sun is starting to come out and the weather is getting better and better.  We don’t know about you, but for us that’s always a welcomed and appreciated sight.

As you know, a new month means a new Couples Challenge here at Learning Domestic Discipline!  March always prompts the idea of “spring cleaning” into our heads, and we wanted to find a way to tie that into this month’s challenge.  Let’s “spring clean” your relationship by showing more appreciation to the one you love.


Aside from numerous verbal reminders throughout any given day, how else can we show our appreciation for our partners?  That’s a terrific question, and we have and exercise that will do just that.


  For one day and one day only, swap your daily routine with your partner.  THAT DOES NOT MEAN SWAP HOH DUTIES!  In this exercise the HoH is still the HoH, meaning the HoH still reserves the right to enforce the rules as they see fit.  This exercise is about appreciating the little things that one partner may take for granted in the other.  By doing the daily routine of your partner, you will have a greater appreciation for the things they do for the home and relationship on a daily basis.

If the giant bold red capital letters weren’t clear enough, allow us to make it clear again – this exercise does NOT mean partners swap roles.  Swapping roles would cause more problems than it helped.  This exercise is simply swapping the daily routine with your partner to appreciate what they do for you, the relationship, and the home.  For the HoH that may mean getting the kids ready for school, or cooking dinner that night, or doing the submissive partner’s portion of the housework, or whatever else their partner may do through the course of the day.  For the submissive partner that may mean balancing the checkbook/finances, or doing the HoH’s portion of the housework, or washing/servicing the car, or whatever else the HoH may do through the course of the day.  These are all just examples, but you get the idea.  It’s swapping ROUTINES, not swapping ROLES.

Also, this exercise shouldn’t interfere with any work schedules, school schedules, or any other personal obligations a couple may have on any given day.  That’s not the point.  Yes, this challenge is hard, but have a little fun with it too.  Perhaps it would be easier to do it on a weekend day when those types of obligations aren’t present.  However you decide to do it, have some fun with it and start showing a little more appreciation for your partner!

Maybe now you’re starting to see how this could help with your “spring cleaning.” 

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Best of luck with the challenge!

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