Couples Challenge: Addressing faults

Nobody is perfect, including you and your partner.  We all have faults we find in ourselves, and faults we find in our partners.  These faults aren’t easy to admit to or raise awareness upon, or have an open constructive discussion with your partner about.  In order to improve upon a relationship, one needs to know what he/she needs to improve upon that may be causing strife in the relationship, as well as acknowledge one’s own characteristics that need improvement.  That’s what February’s Couples Challenge is all about.


  Reflect upon yourself and your relationship and identify one fault of yours that needs improvement.  Come forward and admit this fault to your partner, discuss how you plan to improve upon it, and express how your improvement upon this fault will benefit the relationship.  After doing so, discuss with your partner one fault/trait you’d like him/her to improve upon as well.  This exercise will build communication and trust, and will address two important aspects within the relationship that need improvement.  Improvement upon these things will lead to a healthier, happier, and stronger relationship.



  • I (Clint) need to improve upon on “swallowing my pride.”  Without a doubt my pride can get in the way of constructive conversation with my wife, and it’s something I need to work on.  I’m not always right, I make mistakes just like everyone else, and I need to stop letting my pride get in the way of the best course of action for our marriage and the overall happiness of our home.  Even when I know I’m wrong in any given discussion, it’s hard for me to admit I’m wrong sometimes.  There’s no need or place for that in our marriage, and I plan on improving in this area by “swallowing my pride.”
  • My wife can improve upon “letting her feelings out.”  Often times my wife will hold in her true feelings in an effort to keep things calm, steady and settled within the marriage and home.  Keeping these feelings deep within isn’t healthy for her and isn’t constructive, and thus can lead to unnecessary additional problems down the road.  The earlier these feelings can be addressed, the better it will be for the marriage and family.

February’s Couples Challenge isn’t an easy one, but one that will break down any communication walls that so many of us struggle with at times.  That’s healthy for any relationship.

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Best of luck with the challenge!

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