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  1. Hi, my boyfriend & I are starting a domestic discipline relationship. I have bought & read both of your books and almost every article on your website. I am wondering how many rules should be established in the beginning. In your boot camp plan you mention the #20 but advice on the website is to not do to many too fast. What would the ideal # be in the beginning? Also, would you recommend starting the relationship with the boot camp or doing it after the first month or so? I really want this to work and to make as few mistakes as possible. Thank you!

    1. Chelsea,

      thanks for your comment. In the beginning I wouldn’t overstretch it – you need to internalise the rules, after all. I’d suggest to start with and let’s see two weeks later.
      You should also not be afraid of mistakes! If you have the time, I’d totally recommend a boot camp.

  2. Hi,
    I am from india. In india we donot have domestic discipline we most of the time use ear pull/ twisting in it. Do you also recommend ear pulling twisting before corner time or spanking

  3. Hi guys! won’t let me buy this book from Canada. Do you have an option for a PayPal transaction and then I could download the book or you email the PDF to me?

    Thank you!

    1. Denis, thanks for your comment! There will be a new version of the book in short time- maybe you’d like to wait so you get the new edition. It should be another week or so. There will be also a paypal alternative in the next weeks- thanks for this idea!

  4. I have done extensive research into the DD lifestyle. The topic I have not seen is how to incorporate depression and anxiety hurdles . Is it possible to have these issues and still live the lifestyle?

  5. Hello, my husband and I are new to this lifestyle we are also wanting to incorporate D/s. I know this is not always recommend, but we feel with my personality it is needed. He used to be a very strong Alpha male but has submitted throughout the years. We are trying D/s to lead into a DD lifestyle. This is in hopes to reconnect our original selves not our societal selves. We are also both very kinky which we’ve suppressed immensely throughout the years.

    We’re trying to get back to being happy/normal in all aspects. We’ve been given a suggestion that I should not be allowed to wear any underwear when I am home so that I can always be ready for him. Another suggestion is I must give him a BJ in the morning upon waking and when he returns from work in order to remind me who is the head of the house…reteach me to submit. I don’t disagree with this, but he does.

    I KNOW my personality and unless we do something extreme I’m afraid I will never submit to him. Again, he used to be a ferocious Alpha male, which was a huge reason for me falling in love with him. Things have happened in both of our lives that have changed us from who we want to be. Neither of us have found a way to get back…I imagine this is not something y’all normally deal with, but I am hoping y’all can offer some advice.

    I am currently unemployed, believe it or not this actually has nothing to do with our problems. This was a decision we took months to make and both agreed with because of finances which are sound and also not a problem. We are Christians and attend/active in church. I think this is why he has a hesitation. However, I believe that we need to do what works for us and that it is “authorized”. Like I said we do want to have a DD lifestyle as well. I’ve read your book and he has read literature about all of this. We are not blindly asking for your advice. How would y’all suggest we handle our situation? Thank you so much for your help.

    1. AT, thanks for your comment.
      What you describe is very common for DD couples and beginners. You want him “to man up”, but he his ingrained a little too much equality.
      It seems as if you need to work “a little on him”.

      To be honest, maybe he should start lifting weights? Also have him check his testosterone levels. You should try things very slowly. I strongly recommend sigining up on the forum – there is a great community !

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