Caned for the first time

It feels like forever since we did domestic discipline boot camp for the first time. In fact, it practically was forever ago. But, the experiences that we shared during that boot camp will probably be etched into our brains forever. From the not so great, like the punishments, to the awesome parts of spending so much uninterrupted time together and the homework assignments..the entire weekend was definitely an experience that we’ll never forget.

As part of that first boot camp experience, we purchased an implement that we’d never used before. The point of the implement was to be used during one of the punishment sessions, and so when Clint sat down to choose the implement I wasn’t real thrilled at first. To begin with, I thought it was nuts that he was considering purchasing a spanking implement online. You know they sell hairbrushes and wooden spoons in stores, right babe?  But, we had used those implements before (and, in fact, at that point in our domestic discipline relationship the “store bought” type implements were the primary ones that we were using). This implement needed to be different, unexpected, and one we hadn’t tried before.

I didn’t have a great knowledge of domestic discipline spanking implements at that time, to be honest.

I knew of the basics (hand, wooden spoon, hairbrush and paddle) but beyond that I was still learning, and so was Clint. So, when a thin little brown box showed up on our front porch a few days later I didn’t think much of it. Whatever implement was in that box couldn’t be that bad, right? Wrong.

When Clint opened the box the implement looked exactly like I had imagined from the size and the shape of the box. A stick. A thin little brown stick although I would soon find out it was actually not a stick, it was a cane. I’d heard about canes briefly before, but other than the warnings of “those really hurt, be careful!” I didn’t know what else to expect. And, to be honest, I thought those warnings were a little overkill. I was convinced that something more dense, like the paddle, would hurt way worse than something like a cane.

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If any of you have ever been spanked with a cane, you’re probably rolling your eyes at me right about now and I can’t say I blame you. I had a lot of misconceptions and assumptions about domestic discipline in the beginning. This was just one of them.

I knew we would be using the cane during boot camp at some point, but for whatever reason (probably the look of it) it didn’t really seem to instill fear in me like I thought it would.

Boot camp had begun and the cane became the last thing on my mind. But, when it was time for the severe spanking (the worst part of boot camp, FYI) I began to wonder just what that little wooden stick really felt like. I would soon find out.

The cane is really deceiving. I learned that after 1 swat with it. I wasn’t sure, at the time, if it really was the cane that was causing such intense pain, or if it was the overall severe spanking and the combination of implements used. Probably both, I concluded.

The first swat with the cane was intense. It’s the kind of sting that stays on the surface, and although I’m usually pretty quiet and still during a spanking, not so much when the cane is involved. It makes me jump around, that’s for sure.

I was thankful that Clint knew the boundaries with it, and knew that anything more than a few swats would be too much.

He was right. Because the sting of the cane stays on the surface, it hurts pretty intently the first few minutes after each swat. So, although I only got a few swats with it during that spanking (and the rest with other implements) it was definitely memorable and by the end of it I was pretty much begging Clint to throw the dumb thing away.

One of the things we did after our boot camp weekend had ended was sat down and discussed the weekend together – what we liked, didn’t like, what was effective, what wasn’t, and what we thought we would want to carry over from boot camp into our domestic discipline relationship, and what we wanted to reserve solely for the boot camp experiences. I expected Clint to say the cane was going in the trash can like I did. But, his response was different. He wasn’t a giant fan of the cane, citing that it was definitely more severe than he had wanted it to be (and, keep in mind, we were relatively new to domestic discipline at this point) and it was the kind of implement that he definitely couldn’t see using on a regular basis. Things were looking good for my “get the cane thrown out!” petition. It didn’t help that we were having this conversation while I was remembering exactly what the cane felt like every time I moved around in my chair. Having conversations like that after being spanked recently is never easy.

But, despite Clint’s flaws with the cane, there was some good he saw in it which he began to explain to me. Every domestic discipline relationship that incorporates spanking needs some severe implement, he explained. There needs to be some ladder of severity, and he didn’t like the idea of making severe spankings an extremely long, drawn out session with the paddle only (our most severe implement prior to the cane). I definitely didn’t like that plan either. The one thing he liked about the cane was that he was able to use it during severe spankings (which he knew would be rare) and the spanking would be over with much faster, yet the spanking would still be severe enough to get the important message across. He had a point. I’d rather take a shorter spanking over a longer one any day..even if it did involve the cane. Plus, knowing we still had it tucked away up in our closet was (and still is) enough to make me behave.

Since that time we have rarely had to use the “evil implement” as I call it. It still remains the most severe implement we have, tied with the tilt wand (but that’s another story) and it only makes an appearance if the mistake is something that is severely repeated and nothing else seems to be working, or if the mistake is so severe that he feels it’s necessary. One thing is for sure though, I am perfectly fine with the cane collecting dust.

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