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Many people have posted comments to various posts on this blog. Some of these have been genuine comments, while many have been questions. Since I would like to see questions kept separate from comments, I have set up this post for people to ask questions by posting a comment. Do not post questions to other posts, especially the Punishment Book, which should only contain written records of specific punishments for misbehavior.


Some questions are best sent directly to me via email. I am always very careful with email addresses. I take care to protect your privacy very carefully, just as I protect my own. I have no desire to invade your privacy or to compromise your anonymity.

However, if you prefer to ask your question in a public forum like the Domestic Discipline blog, you are welcome to post your question here. Just like the other posts, comments to this one will be moderated. Moderation means that I must anonymously approve them before they appear on the blog. I will approve the majority of questions unless they are blatantly offensive, rude, disrespectful or absurd. Please also confine your questions to Domestic Discipline, not to other practices such as BDSM.

Do not post questions asking me to justify the Domestic Discipline lifestyle. If you don’t agree with Domestic Discipline, you should not be reading this blog, because it is going to annoy you mightily! If the thousands of words in the other posts on this blog do not convince you of the need for and the benefits of Domestic Discipline, then no answer I can give you here is likely to change your mind. Please don’t waste my time with questions of that nature, because they will simply be rejected without explanation.

The comment moderation system does not allow me to explain why a comment (or question) has been rejected. I only have two choices: publish or reject. Reflecting carefully on what you have written before posting your question will increase the chances of me pressing the “publish” button and reduce the chances of me pressing the “reject” button.


Before you post a question, please read the other posts on this blog! For example, don’t post a question on tears or crying UNLESS you have ALREADY read the article called “Tears.” I realize that this seems like common sense, but some people are lazy and would rather waste my time than spend a small amount of their own time doing some reading for themselves. If you ask a question that is answered by another post whose title is the same as your problem (eg “Tears”), you can expect a very terse and blunt reply from me. I am happy to help anyone who needs it, as long as you take the basic initial steps to help yourself first. I will happily give you some of my time, provided you don’t waste my time.

Please be aware that I have a life aside and apart from the Domestic Discipline blog. I have to earn money just like everyone else. I may not always be able to respond immediately or quickly to your questions. You will just have to be patient. If I am able to answer your question within a given time frame, I will do so. If not, you will just have to wait. DO NOT POST REPEATED REQUESTS for an answer, because you will be making a nuisance of yourself and you will risk never having your question answered. I know that some of you may be in a hurry. But I have limited amounts of time available. You must respect that, or your questions will be ignored. A blog is not the place to post questions which are an urgent matter of life and death. If you have an emergency, please call 911. Otherwise, post your question here and I will eventually answer it.

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