Additional Domestic Discipline Punishments

The essential and most frequently used domestic discipline punishments have been covered thus far, but there are a few other options for those times when corner time, bedroom time, removing privileges, or spanking just aren’t realistic options.  Those situations may be when a couple is staying at a hotel or at a relatives/friends house, for example.  Most of these additional punishments are self-explanatory, but we’ll go into a little more detail on them just for clarification.

Hot Sauce in the Mouth – This punishment is generally for things like back-talking, cursing, mild disrespect, having a bad attitude, and things of that nature.  It’s exactly what it sounds like it is – the head of household (HoH) puts hot sauce in the mouth or on the tongue of their partner, which gives a spicy burning sensation in the mouth.  There isn’t much more to it than that.

Hot sauce in the mouth generally serves as a reminder to remain respectful and have a constructive attitude about a given situation.  Before administering this punishment, it’s important the HoH ensure their partner isn’t allergic to any of the ingredients in the hot sauce.  Also, there is no need to dump half of the bottle in the submissive partner’s mouth.  Just a few drops will do.  Rinsing the mouth with water after this punishment is administered typically makes the burning sensation worse.

Soap in the Mouth – Similar to the hot sauce in the mouth punishment, soap in the mouth is generally used for cursing, back-talking, mild disrespect, having a bad attitude, and things of that nature.  With this punishment, the HoH softly grinds a bar of soap (NOT liquid as it’s easier to swallow) on the bottom teeth of their partner in a back and forth motion, or an in and out motion.  Not much soap is needed.  Grinding back and forth, or in and out, three or four times is typically sufficient.  Or, an alternate way of doing it is by having the submissive partner bite down into a bar of soap a few times.

The submissive partner’s natural reaction will be to spit it out, which is understandable.  Even if they spit it out, or try to rinse it out with water, the soap taste will linger for a couple of hours, or until they eat (which won’t taste very good).  Before administering this punishment, it’s important the HoH ensure their partner isn’t allergic to any ingredients in the soap, and ensure they understands NOT to swallow the soap.  Swallowing soap could make them sick.

Also, the submissive partner may be tempted to bite the HoH’s hand/fingers during this punishment.  We recommend the HoH warn their partner beforehand that any biting will result in an escalated punishment (such as a spanking).

Writing Lines – Writing lines is a punishment in which the HoH requires their partner to hand-write a sentence over and over again as a means to helping them remember to keep their behavior on the right track.


1) – I will not have a snappy attitude in public.  It’s embarrassing and disrespectful.

2) – I will not have a snappy attitude in public.  It’s embarrassing and disrespectful.

3) – I will not have a snappy attitude in public.  It’s embarrassing and disrespectful.

And so on and so forth.  The number of lines is determined by the head of the household.  We recommend it be an odd number of times as it’s best for memory purposes, which is the primary purpose of this punishment.  That’s why area codes are 3 digits, zip codes are 5 digits, phone numbers are 7 digits, social security numbers are 9 digits, etc.  We would recommend a minimum of 25 times, but that number can be increased or decreased based on the severity of the offense and the cooperation level of the submissive partner.

The writing lines punishment is ideal when traveling, such as staying in a hotel or staying at a relatives/friends house.  It’s obviously a quiet punishment, so anyone within earshot would not be able to hear this punishment being administered.

Apology Letter – This punishment is when the HoH requires their partner to hand-write an apology letter for their negative actions/behaviors.  This punishment can be done as an independent punishment, but often times it is done in conjunction with another.  For instance, if the HoH spanks for a particular offense, an apology letter would be written after the spanking as added incentive for the submissive partner to correct the problem.

We recommend the letter be one page long, but that is variable.  The HoH ultimately determines how long the letter needs to be.  Within the letter, we would make sure the unwanted, dangerous, or detrimental behavior is acknowledged and addressed in some fashion.  We would also make sure the reason why the behavior was a problem, and how it should be handled next time, is included within it.  The idea is to get the submissive partner thinking about their behavior and how to correct it, all while apologizing.

Scripture Study/Doctrine Study – We’re not forcing or pushing any religious belief on anyone.  It makes no difference to us what religion any given couple practices.  We want to be clear on that first before we even get into this punishment.  We truly feel domestic discipline can be practiced by any couple of any religious background.  We’re simply presenting additional punishment options to those that live the domestic discipline lifestyle.

Scripture study/doctrine study is where the HoH requires their partner to read a set of scriptures/doctrine information, then write a report on what was read.  We recommend the report be at least one page long, but the length of the report is ultimately determined by the head of the household.  For Christian couples this punishment works well while staying at hotels, as every hotel room (in the United States) has a Bible (check those end table drawers!).  Again, even if a couple is not Christian, this punishment can still be administered with any spiritual doctrine they practice.

Chores – Most couples have a set of household chores that each partner is responsible for.  This punishment steps outside of those every day responsibilities.  Essentially with this punishment the HoH requires their partner to do things around the house that they wouldn’t typically do.  For example, sweeping out the garage  isn’t generally done as regularly as, say, vacuuming, but it’s somewhat inconvenient and otherwise unpleasant/difficult to do.  That makes it effective as a punishment.

It’s important HoHs use their better judgment with this punishment.  What we mean by that is if the submissive partner is pregnant (in a traditional DD dynamic relationship), the HoH shouldn’t require them to lift heavy objects or do any chore that would require excessive bending/leaning over.  If the submissive partner is sick/injured, the HoH shouldn’t require them to do anything excessively physical in nature.  Remember this isn’t a dictatorship, this is simply a punishment.  It’s important the HoH be fair, and be conscious of their partner’s physical capabilities.

Having to administer these punishments is rare, generally speaking.  In our experience, we’ve learned that most HoHs (not ALL HoHs) don’t use these punishments very frequently.  But, as we said before, they are options when other “regular” punishments can’t be done.  As always, feel free to ask any questions you may have in the comments.

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