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We’re Clint and Chelsea! Welcome to Domestic-Discipline.net.

In 2011, after several years of practicing domestic discipline in our own marriage, we began researching the web for domestic discipline tips, techniques, and just any sort of reliable, trustworthy information. To our surprise, we couldn’t find any. We found lots of personal blogs (which we love!) but none that really were a launching point for those who wanted to begin domestic discipline, and none that offered resources for those currently practicing. We then decided to create Domestic-Discipline.net. It started as a blog and became an instant hit. Now, almost 2 years later, we knew it was time to take the concept from a blog into a full-blown website.

We don’t know everything about Domestic Discipline, nor do we claim to. What we do know, however, is that Domestic Discipline has done wonders for our marriage, and we feel it will for everyone if it is done correctly.

The information on this website are meant to be a template that you can use to incorporate into your relationship. Our hope is that you will use the suggestions and guidelines recommended and mold them into a design that works for your relationship. We also hope for Domestic Discipline to continue to become a place where people can go to get support and advice, encouragement, or simply learn more about this marital tool.

Please note that by choosing to implement any of the suggestions on this website you acknowledge that you are over the age of 18 and you are choosing to do so at your own risk. The author(s) of this website, and any contributors, will not be held legally responsible for your own behavior.

This lifestyle, and this site, means so much to us. Welcome to Domestic Discipline.

-Clint and Chelsea



15 thoughts on “About us

  1. I wish you could gear some of your advice to gay people as well as straight I’m in a happy DD lifestyle but I find everything is always about straight people and never touchs on the fact it can be for anyone who wants a more loving relationship.

      1. Clint, you know gay people get married too, right? 🙂 I agree with the poster. Just like you occassionally mention female-led relationships, it would be great if you sometimes mention that the same principles would work well in same-sex relationships/marriages. Your advice is priceless for all people in loving relationships!

  2. some of the highlighted words that you are supposed to click on take you to a page not found. this is awesome site though. we are thinking about starting a DD relationship.

    1. Thanks for the comment – yes, unfortunately, the site is still work in progress. Keep us updated on your journey and maybe consider joining the forum!

  3. Chelsea how do you discipline your children 👶 now and what are your plans as they get older?
    I think I read that you don’t get spanked to often anymore except when you bought that vacation 😱🏏🚒 when you do get spanked how do manage to do it with kids in the house? I know you use paddles,etc so they Hurt and you can’t keep that quiet while getting hit with a paddle 😊🔥🔥😍

      1. Tha’ts fine it sounds like you’re trying to keep family life and busienss life seperate. Can you answer this though, how do you incorperate your wifes punishement with kids in the house becasue spanking is NOISEY!! I would love to spank the wife but we don’t live alone. Actually very little private time and it’s not do to little kids.

        Question for you about implents, brusing, marking. I’m looking at from an outsider looking only at what i see online from various spanking sources. Most times they use younger females on the sub side and older women/men doing the spankings. The girls bottoms vary in conditioin depending on what they were spanked with and how. Most hairbrush or paddles are going to leave some type of brusing, blisters when you spank hard, even paddeling over jeans. You want the bottom RED,so the question is how dark and are you spanking the entire bottom from top to the thighs so her ENTIRE BOTTOM is RED one solid color. Do you spank her “sit”area so it makes it difficult to sit affterwards?
        The real question is why are you so opposed to marks/bruses ? A good spanking is going to hurt, leave her bottom RED AND SORE for some period of time, a day or two or sleep on her stomach. I’m not saying beat her severly and leave wealts all over that’s more like BDSM , some Russian sites and Leda play that hard so NO!!

  4. So, Clint, I am now curious…I posted my “story” on here before, but really wanted a reply and reasoning about the discipline of your children. Are you saying that: (1) you do not discipline or spank your children, but only your wife? (2) Are you saying that you don’t discuss the childrens’ discipline with one another as spouses, or (3) That you simply do not bring into or discuss disciplining your children (or others’ children) on this blog? Can you please expound on your last quote of, “We don’t talk about disciplining children . . hugs, Chelsea?”
    Please answer, as I am VERY interested in which it is (if none of the above, please fill me in), and was wondering whether or not you write the articles for the ChristianDomesticDiscipline website, as the tone of the author of the articles read very similar to yours. Curiosity, sorry; I’m a woman.

    1. It means they don’t talk about kids on the web site and like any other decent parents, they know that all sorts of predators lurk around these type (or any type)of online groups or pages. Its just smart parenting. Also most groups and pages have a big rule about not posting about kids. We don’t discuss children means exactly that. there is no hidden agenda or multiple reasons. Its smart parenting.

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