21 Ways How To Be Submissive

What are some ways to show submission? It’s a question I get asked frequently, and to be honest I don’t have it completely figured out. It’s one of those questions that stumps me every time.


When I think of submission, I always tend to think of it in categories. There are submissive mindsets (which we’ve briefly covered in this post), then there’s the category of domestic discipline submission, and finally there’s a misc. category which consists of things that don’t quite fall into the domestic discipline category but are still important. These are just the categories that I tend to group submissive tasks, thoughts, and ideas into.

Below I’ve broken down some ways that you can show submission. My hope is that it helps to jumpstart your brain into thinking about ways you can be submissive to your HOH whether you’re brand new to the submissive lifestyle or are a veteran.

I hope this helps!


  •  Begin to transition from a “I need to..” to an “I want to..” attitude. (Example: I want to make dinner tonight because my husband appreciates it as opposed to I need to make dinner tonight because we’re all starving)
  • Have a cheerful attitude in all that you do. A positive attitude goes a long way.
  • Be encouraging, supportive and loving
  • Begin to pick up on cues of what makes him happy, what he appreciates, and what he enjoys and incorporate those into your line of thinking and actions
  • Try to remember that, in punishment situations, it is difficult for him as well. Having a good attitude and being submissive throughout the punishment process will make it easier on the both of you.
  • Don’t be afraid or nervous to share your opinion with your HOH, but do so with respect.

Domestic Discipline

  • Listen to what your HOH asks of you/show obedience
  • Be cooperative in punishment situations (Example: If your HOH asks you to retrieve a spanking implement, do so without stomping off, rolling your eyes, etc.)
  • Place an extra effort on following the rules that your HOH has set forth. There’s likely a reason for each of the rules you have.
  • Don’t backtalk or show other forms of disrespect
  • Be prepared for a spanking without him having to direct you with what to do (Example: Be in position, ready to listen with implements out, etc.)
  • Get rid of false expectations you have surrounding domestic discipline


  • Take care of the house by ensuring laundry is done, rooms are tidy, etc.
  • Make an effort to cook lunch and dinner for your HOH on a regular basis
  • Respect your HOH and the decisions that he makes
  • Stand by the decisions that your HOH makes, even if they aren’t ones you yourself would have chosen
  • Let your HOH know you appreciate the things he does/be appreciative
  • Every now and again ask your HOH how you can improve, what you can do better with, and what you’re doing well at. Feedback is important.
  • Send him thoughtful text messages to brighten his day
  • Try to wake up with your HOH in the morning and have breakfast together
  • Remind him frequently of how much you love him (either physically or verbally)


Above is a starter list to get your brain thinking about different ways you could show submission to your HOH. How do you show submission in your relationship? Obviously there are so many more than just the above 21 ways. If you’d like to share the ways you show submission, feel free to do so in the comments below.

Have a wonderful day everyone!


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